about us


We are catalysts for the transformation of leaders and organizations and the elevation of consciousness in business around the world.


Our vision is to transform society by enrolling all leaders around the world to embrace Conscious Leadership as the new leadership paradigm to thrive in the new economy so that we can co-create a promising future for the next generations.


Stéphane Leblanc is a leader with more than 25 years of experience in senior executive roles in large international organizations and the co-founder of International Center for Conscious Leadership.

He is deeply committed to elevating people to their full potential and thrives on seeing human beings becoming the highest version of themselves.

An engineer by training with an MBA, he rose through the corporate ladder by empowering and building teams and being an example of love in action for his employees and colleagues.  

As a VPGM, he has demonstrated the power of his methods by accomplishing three major business turnarounds, including one of a struggling business unit in only two years with a shift in profitability from -50M$ to +50M$, an increase in employee engagement from 65% to 78%, and increase in on-time delivery from 17% to 85% and a significant increase in quality and customer satisfaction.

In early 2017, after more than a decade of training with world-renowned transformation teachers and coaches, Stephane experienced a breakthrough that led him to discover his life mission of being a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and organization and the elevation of consciousness in business.  He founded the International Centre for Conscious Leadership to start a movement, build a global community of conscious leaders and have a positive impact on the world.

Jeanne Rahilly is an experiential marketing specialist, creative director and the co-founder of the International Center For Conscious Leadership. She is visionary, courageous and deeply committed to co-creating a better world for the next generations.

Born into a Buddhist family and raised between France and Canada, she has followed a path combining a strong interest for business, a finesse in human relationships and a high level of creativity to design high-quality experiences for those she serves.

Working for more than 13 years in the event industry, Jeanne brings a refined approach, a passion for excellence and a compassionate attitude to all she does. A dedicated practitioner of mindfulness meditation, she teaches, gives talks and coaches individuals and groups.

She co-founded the International Center For Conscious Leadership with Stephane after meeting him and finding alignment is their shared mission of helping leaders expand to a new level of consciousness to create a world that works for everyone.