We are a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and organizations all over the world adopting conscious leadership as the new paradigm 


Our vision is to enrol all leaders around the world to embrace Conscious Leadership as the paradigm for the new economy.

  Stephane Leblanc   CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Stephane Leblanc

CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Stephane Leblanc according to Jeanne Rahilly

Stephane is a man with a pure heart.

I feel so privileged to have met Stephane and to work every day by his side to co-create this grand project that is contributing to the evolution of consciousness in businesses and humanity.

Collaborating with Stephane is pure bliss! It has not always been easy to work together but every bump on the road took both of us to new heights. Looking back just a few months, it’s impressive to see all the work we’ve accomplished and how much we have grown together.

Stephane is a passionate and generous man. He is deeply committed to elevate people into their full potential. He thrives on seeing humans becoming the highest version of themselves.

I have worked for many different organisations in the past 18 years and from my own experience, I can say that working with Stephane is a world class experience. I am able to experience from myself how he is embodying in himself his vision for the world. His 28 years of experience as a senior executive in large international organizations combined with more than a decade of training with world-renowned teachers and coaches led Stephane Leblanc to become a true transformational leader.

Stephane and I are very different by nature, he has a raw masculine way of being courageous and bold and I am more feminine, intuitive and caring. Together, we form a great team.

Thank you, Stephane, for being your authentic self, adding your unique colour to this world.  It is an honour to be part of the same canva.

  Jeanne Rahilly    Vice-President , International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Jeanne Rahilly

Vice-President, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Jeanne Rahilly according to Stephane Leblanc

Jeanne is an authentic and inspiring woman.

I feel immensely blessed that I have met Jeanne on my path as she came into my life at the exact moment when I was ready to embrace my soul mission of being a catalyst for the elevation of consciousness in business. When we first met, I was deeply touched that we shared the same mission, what a synchronicity!

Jeanne is full of compassion, kindness and generosity and she always sees the goodness in everyone and everything. She is visionary, courageous, and deeply committed to co-creating a better world for the next generations. She has the rare talent of being able to help guide other to become the greatest expression of their true selves.

For over 13 years, Jeanne was a specialized event organizer. Such experiences has led her to the desire of organizing events to help leaders expand to a new level of consciousness. She believes leaders can achieve better results by creating an organizational culture where employees feel valued, inspired and supported.

Working with her every day is pure joy as she allows me to experience her magic by holding a safe space for me to grow and transform into the greatest expression of myself.

Jeanne is very creative and brings finesse and beauty into everything we do.

Thank you Jeanne for helping me to create a masterpiece.