Les 4 pilliers du leadership conscient

Au début de 2017, j'ai eu le courage de fonder ma propre organisation avec une partenaire afin de poursuivre ma mission d'être un catalyseur de la transformation des leaders et des organisations et de l'élévation de la conscience dans les entreprises à travers le monde.

C'est tout un saut que j'ai fait.  Il n'y a pas si longtemps je gérais une organisation de 2500 personnes avec des revenus de 2.5 milliards $ qui était responsable d'une grande portion des profits de l'entreprise et j'avais fait mes preuves en tant que leader depuis plusieurs années ayant réalisé des transformations importantes à trois reprises et ayant généré des résultats supérieurs pour l'entreprise.

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Devenez le créateur de votre vie

Avec plus de 25 ans dans des postes de leadership et plus de 10 ans comme catalyseur de la transformation des leaders et des organisations, j’ai observé que la grande majorité des leaders vivent en bas de leur plein potentiel. Malgré leur éducation, leurs efforts et leur ambitions, la grande majorité des leaders vivent en bas de leur plein potentiel parce qu’ils laissent leurs peurs et leurs pensées limitatives créer leur réalité et qu’ils sont souvent des victimes des événements plutôt que d’être le créateur de leur vie.

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Les 5 mythes du leadership conscient

Toute personne qui a adopté le leadership conscient sait très bien qu'une organisation ne pourra pas performer à son plein potentiel à long terme pas à long terme si elle est dirigée par un leader qui manque de maîtrise de soi et est met l'emphase sur ses propres besoins et ceux de l'organisation et néglige les besoins des autres parties prenantes.  Malheureusement, il y a encore des personnes qui pensent que les leaders conscients sont mous et ne mettent pas assez d'emphase sur les résultats.

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Le leadership conscient est la clé du futur

Quand je pense au leadership, je pense à des personnes visionnaires, responsables et créatives, qui ose s’approcher de la réalité avec un esprit ouvert et présent, qui créent des espaces sécuritaires où les gens peuvent émerger et devenir les experts qu’ils sont déjà. Je pense à des leaders qui ont comme principaux besoins la croissance et la contribution.

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What I learned on organizational transformation

I have been in business for more than 25 years and I have spent the last 10 years transforming organization.  I was blessed to be trained and coached on the fundamentals of transformation by great teachers and coaches from all over the world.  I also had real live experiences in leading transformations as a senior executive leading large business units in large international organizations.  I managed teams of up to 3000 people with yearly revenues of 2.5 billion$. In 2008 - 2013, I led a team who achieved a major transformation of a struggling business unit and took it from a yearly loss of 50 million$ to a profit of 50 million$, while improving all other key performance indicators such as health and safety, quality, cycle times and customer satisfaction. 

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What I learned on culture transformation from a wise man

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Patrik Somers-Stephenson for our International Centre for Conscious Leadership podcast.  I met Patrik 5 years ago at a transformation workshop in Oxford and then again two years later for another workshop.  I reconnected with him in England recently, while we were both attending a special meeting with Richard Barrett.

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Become the creator of your life

It occurs to me that most of us are living below our full potential as we let our fears and limiting beliefs create our reality.  That we are most often, the victim of our life rather than the creator of our life.

We have inherited most of our fears and limiting beliefs from our youth, from our parental and societal conditioning.  We adopted the beliefs of the world we grew up in because that is how we were able to meet our survival, safety and security needs as well as our need to be loved and appreciated.

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What I learned from a yogi

I recently has the privilege to interview Bhaskar Goswami on our Conscious Leadership podcast.  Bhaskar was born in India, studied in the UK and now lives in Montreal.  He holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering.  10 years ago, he left the Engineering world to become a yogipreneur and he created an organization called Bodhi with the mission to bring wellness into workplaces.  He has since founded another organization called daana, a contribution based wellness organization.

Bhaskar and I met 5 years ago when he was teaching yoga at the aerospace company I was working at and we have since become close friends. I was struggling as a leader then as there was no longer a match between my values as a leader and the company i worked at through yoga, he helped me gain peace and clarity. 

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What I learned from an opera singer

Today I was blessed to meet an amazing person through Skype. Arlene Rolph is an experienced opera singer with an international career and is now coaching performers to rise to their full potential and become the creator of their lives.  She was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and now lives in Brighton, England. When we talked, she was enjoying quality time with her family over the Christmas holidays in the immensely beautiful scenery in Ayrshire.

It was the first time Arlene and I met and throughout our conversation, I was in awe of the beauty of her words, who sounded like poetry to me.  After a few minutes, I quickly recognized that I was talking to a woman who was awakened and aligned to her soul mission.

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Vulnerability is a key skill for Conscious Leaders

As a masculine leader working as a leader of operations, I learned when I was a younger leader in a large international manufacturing company that I had to be tough. These were the times when managers swore, yelled and banged on tables during production meetings. As I wanted to fit in and rise up the organization, I learned to be tough. I did not yell or swore so much but I was very focused on results and not so much on people. I had learned from the senior operations leaders that a leader cannot show his vulnerability as this would be a sign of weakness.

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I am because we are

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu

Ubuntu is an African principle of community which means ''I am because we are''. It describes the most fundamental principle for human beings which is that we are made to be in relationships as what makes us human is our relationships.

Yes, it sometimes feels great to be alone with our own thoughts, walking in the forest, running by the sea or reading a book while enjoying a nice cup of tea

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The rebel leader

Rebel leaders are essential to business transformations. They are courageous. They challenge the status quo. They are visionary. They disturb old ways of thinking and doing. They bring organizations to a whole new level of performance. If... they are well supported by the organization.

Companies can do two things: they can embrace them or they can try to put them in a cage or reject them. The latter is the most common occurence as it takes a special leader to manage a rebel leader and I have found that many large traditional organizations often reject the elements that are working the hardest to transform them.

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Copy of Healing your inner child

Life is a healing journey, and we all need to heal our inner child. We carry with us wounds from our past. Things that happened to us when we were children, in our homes at school or in other places in our community. Many of these things were not so dramatic when you look at them now with the eyes of an adult, but they could have been dramatic when experienced by a child.

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Embracing the silence

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to become the wise man around the table. The one who does not speak often but when he does, wisdom speaks. The one who has mastered presence and lives in the present moment.

Knowledge speaks. Wisdom listens. - Jimmy Hendrix

I love this quote and I think of it often as I still have a lot of work to do to master silence.

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Comment devenir un leader conscient

Avec l'état actuel de l'humanité, avec autant de défis sociétaires et environnementaux à travers le monde, avec beaucoup d'employés et de leaders stressés qui ne sont pas épanouis dans leur travail, nous avons besoin de beaucoup plus de leaders conscients dirigeant des organisations conscientes. Le leadership conscient est aussi une bonne façon d'améliorer la performance des organisations , car les employés aiment travailler pour des entreprises conscientes et les clients aiment acheter d'eux.

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