Conscious Leadership

By Stephane Leblanc

Conscious leadership is a new leadership paradigm by which leaders let go of the focus on their own ego and put their focus on the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment. It's a holistic view of leadership that assumes that leaders exist to create good for the world.

To transform the business world, we need to transform ourselves as leaders. Our transformation is a personal one as it requires us to shine a light on the fears and limitations we have inherited from our cultural conditioning so we can rise to our full potential and be aligned with our deepest purpose which is to serve others and create a positive impact in society and for humanity.

In our modern society, most of us have been raised in an environment of competition where we must constantly fight to differentiate ourselves so we can get the best results and the biggest rewards. This often creates an imbalance in business where leaders focus intensely on the needs of the shareholders but neglect the needs of all the other stakeholders. This way of working is not sustainable in long term as it creates a lot of stress and health issues on many people and ultimately, our children may not have a planet to live on.

We must remember that leaders lead people, they do not lead tasks, files or results. People have needs and emotions. It makes sense that people should be at the centre of a leader's focus.

Focusing on serving others is the foundation of conscious leadership. The rationale here is that by serving the needs of all stakeholders, a leader will generate a much better performance and ensure the sustainability of the business in the long term.

In addition to a better financial performance, conscious leadership creates many other important benefits such as: an engaged workforce, less employee turnover and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consistent growth and productivity doesn't just happen, it's a function of leadership. In a conscious organization, it requires bringing your whole self, and complete awareness, to build a foundation of trust and care. It also means embracing authenticity and all stakeholders you really care.

As you embrace conscious leadership, you will feel a lot of joy in your heart as you will get a lot of love from those you serve with humility.

Together, we can create a promising future for the next generations.