The Emergence of a Conscious Leader


by Jeanne Rahilly

This morning, my boyfriend asked me: ''Jeanne, what is a conscious leader?''

I started to recite other people’s definitions and he interrupted me abruptly: "Jeanne, I don't want a text book definition, I want to know what is your definition.'' 

 "Good question!" I answered. 

For me, a conscious leader is a visionary person. Someone courageous who is not afraid to follow her heart’s truth, a master in the heart, an individual who is willing to make sacrifices to serve something that is bigger than them. It can be anyone, from a parent, a teacher, a writer, a banker, a politician, to an executive in a large corporation.

Why becoming a conscious leader?

Because humanity needs to wake up from the illusion that it has been living in for centuries. This illusion based on materiality. We need more responsible people on this planet, if we want a promising future for our children. People who are able to make other humans shine for a brighter future.

We are so much more powerful than what we think. We are love creatures, we are children from the big bang, stars in the sky. It is time to let the genius that we are shine on the whole world!

The responsibility of a conscious leader

My Business partner Stephane and I have embraced our mission to be catalysts for the rise of conscious leadership and the elevation of consciousness in business. This role comes with responsibility and a profound commitment to become conscious leaders ourselves, to be our very best for the world.

Since, I have made this commitment, life has tested me in so many ways. I have attracted all kinds of people, guides and situations to test my integrity. All the experiences that I have gone through so far have helped me to understand what I needed to learn to go to the next level of consciousness.

Wayne Dyer used to say: "If you think you are enlightened, go spend a few days with your family.'' I have experienced this first hand as our closest friends and family are the best people to trigger our unhealed wounds. All the breakdowns that I have faced have become jewels to me, shining a light on my shadow and showing me where the light wants to enter. Every breakdown, no matter how small or big, always holds the seed for a breakthrough, if we are open minded and committed to be more conscious.

Our shadows originate from our limiting beliefs, our conditioned mind, a common fiction, our wounded child.

The solution is all in us. We are the temple, the silent space to approach the truth. In our temple, all is sacred, even the shadows. Cultivating the loving presence, welcoming whatever comes to our attention and allowing the healing to happen. 

Living in a modern society where everything becomes more and more available, temptation has never been as strong. We can easily get distracted by the many pleasures on the way. Again, there is nothing wrong with pleasure as long as we are aware of them and don’t let them distract us from our precious path.

Social media, video games, internet, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc... are amongst all the great ways we numb ourselves. There is nothing wrong with distraction, we are humans, human experience is vast and we can spend an entire life caught in the spiral of sensual pleasures. At the end of the day, each of us can make a choice to decide what we want to live in this lifetime.

In every situation, pleasant or unpleasant, we can choose how we want to act. As conscious leaders, we want to get out of the reptilian, limbic brain, and get into the neocortex brain, a higher level of consciousness. A place of clarity, alignment with our truth and integrity, a place where we are no longer the victim, the perpetrator or the saviour, a place where we act and not react to a situation. A place where we are more in control of our lives.

Another challenge for me is to accept the choices of the people we are supporting even if we would do things differently ourselves. A conscious leader has to accept the choices and rhythm of the others and to be completely detached from the outcome. We cannot carry everyone’s problems on our shoulders. Each individual is responsible for their own life. Everyone has a path and moves along it at its own pace. A conscious leader is there to shine a light and show others all that is possible.

For me, the journey is still on going, and it is very exciting. I am welcoming in anticipation all the tests that will stretch my consciousness, so I can become my best self for the world.

I wish you a bright path. Follow the compass of your heart because love will take you the whole way.