Follow Your Bliss


by Stephane Leblanc

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a track that has been there all the while, waiting for you. You begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. - Joseph Campbell

Along with this quote, Joseph Campbell's theory of the hero's journey, is a direct reflection of my life.

We are all unique. There has never been and will never be anyone exactly like us. I believe that each of us is here on earth for a very special mission and that we all have the skills, talents and personality that is perfect for this mission.

Most of us follow a traditional path of success and we end up pursuing a career that may not necessarily be in line with our passions even if it does provide for our material needs.

Carl Jung explained that the first 40 years of our life is about ambition and the next 40 years about meaning and contribution. Which explains why so many people go through a mid life crisis. But the solution to this crisis is not to buy a sports car or motorcycle or to leave your wife or husband for someone new. Instead the solution is inside you.

Following your bliss requires you to listen to that little voice inside you whispering, the voice of your soul. It also requires you to embrace your passions and to have the courage to pursue them.

I, myself, followed the traditional path of success. When I was nine, I dreamed of being a rock star. But quitting guitar lesson after only three weeks of lessons put an end to that career. At 13, I dreamed of being a airplane pilot and I went to military college to pursue this dream which was ended when I started to wear glasses and the airforce told me they could no longer train me as a pilot. Then I became an engineer and an MBA and I rose through the ranks of a large aerospace company.

Even if I was a senior executive, I felt something was missing for me to be truly happy. Through all the transformation work I had done, I fell in love with leaders and organizational transformation and I was less interested by the traditional operations leadership roles I had done. I dreamed of running my own company to help leaders transform all over the world, to be a published author and coach and to organize large leadership conferences. But I was not courageous enough to pursue my dream.

Then in April 2017, something inside me clicked as I finally decided to pursue my dream. Within a few days I met an extraordinary women called Jeanne Rahilly, who shared the same dream. Jeanne and I are now the co-founders of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership and we are committed to be catalysts for the transformation of leaders and organizations all over the world.

When I called two world renowned authors I admire, Richard Barrett and Alan Seale, to come to Montreal on November 1st to be keynote speakers at the National Summit for Conscious Leadership that Jeanne and I are organizing, they both said yes right away.

Recently I dreamed of organizing a summit for conscious leadership in London, one of my favorite cities. Within a few days Richard introduced me to Gina Hayden who leads the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership based in London and after a call together she offered to help me organize such a conscious leadership summit in London in spring 2018. I will be visiting London soon to look at the details of this project.

Jeanne and I also agreed to write a book to summarize our thoughts on conscious leadership and then I received a call from a publisher in Canada offering to help publish our book which will be published in March 2018.

I bought a book on Shakti Leadership and I was so impressed by the book that I called the author in India right away. In this call, Jeanne and I decided to organize a conference for women leaders in March 2018 and the author, Nilima Bhat, offered to come to Montreal to be a speaker. Then I mentioned that a woman in North Carolina would also be an excellent speaker and Nilima said she was a very good friend of her. Amazing synchronicity.

One could say these are all miracles. In fact they are, but I have come to expect them as they have become very common for me since I have aligned myself to my soul mission and I committed to follow my bliss.

My good friend Bhaskar Goswami reminded me that I am being carried by a huge wave and I am enjoying surfing on it.

Follow you bliss and you will fill your heart with love and joy.