You are the creator of your life


by Stephane Leblanc

So did you create your life today? Yesterday? Will you do so tomorrow?

Yes you did, good job!

No. You did not! Then you are clearly living in someone else creation.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions create our reality. I know, I know. This is not an easy concept to accept as it is much easier to blame others when things do not go our way. We really want something and when we do not get it, we can blame others, the circumstances, the universe. But we can also be responsible adults and agree that this is really a victim mentality and none of us wants to be a victim.

Quantum physics has proven that everything is energy. In school, we learned that the smallest particle is an atom with electrons, etc. This science that is still being taught in school is based on Newtonian physics and represents scientific materiality. The new science based on quantum physics has proven that at the micro level, everything is energy, not matter. This is true of us as well. Einstein described this well many years ago. 

We have to accept this fact. We are culture creators. We create every single aspect of our lives. Everything.

We do not do always do this consciously as most of our behaviours are based on our sub-conscious. Based our parental and societal programming. In fact, most of our actions and decisions are based on our past. Most our fears and limiting beliefs have been shaped by the experiences we lived before 7 years old and unless we have worked to heal ourselves, these fears and limiting beliefs shape all aspects of our life.

As some people have proven, there is nothing we cannot do. We look at people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and we say they are lucky. But we forget to look and observe that they started with nothing and all of them share one key characteristic: they believe they can do anything.

Jobs built an empire designing and selling electronic devices many of us could not live without, at least not me. He was a college drop out, started his business in a garage and was rejected from his own company. Only to come back and transform the whole industry. Branson started with a small magazine and has built a global empire with hundreds of companies even if he is dyslesic, Musk spent more than 50 millions$ to build his first prototype of a sporty electric car and now Tesla is on its way to build 500,000 cars a year. The first 2 rockets of SpaceX exploded on take off. If the 3rd one also failed, Musk would have been bankrupt. After the 3rd rocket landed safely, SpaceX got a 2 billion$ contract from NASA.

As you have gone to school, you have been programmed. You have probably received a program that says that you are not enough. That you need to manage risks. That you need to be careful. That you need to protect your assets. That you need more material possessions to prove you are successful.

Jobs, Musk, Branson, all believed they could change the world and they did.

What is your mission. What dreams have you put aside for the sake of safety? What will be your regrets when you are on your death bed? Will you be happy to have managed your investment portfolio safety, have bought a bigger house, a fancier car, a cottage and lived a normal but ordinary life? Or will you be ecstatic of having lived an extraordinary life, taken risks and followed your dreams?

I choose to follow my dreams and create an extraordinary life.

I actually thrive on the unknown and I believe that true transformation comes out of chaos. This is quite normal as all of us get pretty set in our ways when things go well and it always takes some dramatic event in our life to wake us up to a new way of being. A job loss. A divorce. A health issue. The loss of a loved one. Often these events are necessary to throw us off our horse and start to reflect that maybe life is more than what we assumed. Often, following this, we start to read different books, meet different people, start doing yoga, meditation...

Such events are usually a spark for our transformation journey and for us to realize that life is so much more than the material possessions. Maybe we realize that we will not take any of these with us when die as all we will take with us is what we have in our heart.

A close friend of mine asked me recently: ''Stephane, how can I convince my friends to follow their dreams or their calling when they don't see how they can get our of the trap they are in with all the financial obligations they have?'' My answer to this is for them to go from their head into their heart and listen to their soul calling and to have faith.

My experience has been that we live in a friendly universe and that as soon as you commit to your purpose, the universe will open all sorts of doors for you. This does not mean that everything will be easy. You still have to work hard. But the universe will make the journey much easier than you think and it will also bring into your life all sorts of amazing people that will contribute to your purpose. This is what has happened to me. I have met so many extraordinary people that I often ask myself: ''where were these people all my life?"

Remember, everything is energy and what you attract in your life is always a match to your own vibrational frequency.

We are architects of our own experience. Our beliefs carry more power than our reality.

By shining a light on our fears and limiting beliefs, we can transform them and become creators of our life.

I am doing this everyday and I am committed to create an extraordinary life for me and those I love.

I am also committed to help so many people around the world do the same.

Together, we can transform ourselves and humanity.

By becoming conscious leaders, we can co-create a New World and a promising future for the next generations.