Conscious Leadership, the way to the future

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by Jeanne Rahilly

When I think of leadership, I think of visionary, responsible and creative people, who dare to be present and face reality with an open mind. Leaders who create safe spaces where people can emerge and become the experts they already are. I am thinking of leaders whose main focus is growth and contribution.

When I watch my young children play, I worry about their future because we have so many societal and environmental problems.  It is in these moments that I realize the importance of my work.

I am now committed to being a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and organizations and the elevation of consciousness in business. I am very motivated by my mission that I share with my business partner, Stephane Leblanc, the CEO of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership. 

Like Stephane, I took a long road to get here.  My interest in consciousness began when I was very young.  I was born into a spiritual family.  My parents had a disciplined Buddhist practice and our house was the gathering place for a Buddhist community in France where practitioners and monks met on a regular basis. My parents never forced me to pursue a spiritual path.

I had my first awakening at 13 after reading Herman Hesse book, Siddharta which opened me to a whole new perspective on life.  Following this, I continued on my way, read many other inspiring books and I spent 13 years in the often soul crushing corporate world. 

During my life, I have done various types of work, and have had many experiences, some positive and others no so positive. All these experiences have allowed me to grow and transform myself. At one point, I decided to leave the large organizations I worked for because their corporate values no longed aligned with mine. I made the choice to work for conscious companies.

In late 2016, i began a process of inner reflection and vision of my life. One day, I had an insight. I realized that my mission was to help leaders and organizations to transform themselves and raise consciousness in the business community. I wrote this in my vision notebook. Three days later, Stephane contacted me after we were introduced to each other through LinkedIn.

At our first meeting, we were excited to realize that we shared the same mission. Eight months later, it is very exciting to see all that we have achieved together. We co-founded the International Centre of Conscious Leadership and have gathered a community of Conscious Leaders around the world. We have organized two large conferences, completed transformation workshops with senior executive teams, have launched a high quality and informative websites. We are in the process of writing a book and have embarked on a certification program to become Integral coaches. All through this time, we have also evolved immensely individually and as a team. 

I have been practicing mindfulness for many years now and it is a great joy for me to be able to teach leaders and employees a practice that has such a positive impact on their health and their lives and the culture and performance of the organization.

I am dedicated to work with leaders around the world to support them  in their transformation and adoption of Conscious Leadership. 

It is with a spirit of collaboration that we will co-create a promising future for the next generations.