The Quantum Leader


by Stephane Leblanc

All the world of experience, including matter, is the material manifestation of transcendent forms of consciousness. - Amit Goswami

How familiar are you with quantum physics? How do you think it is related to leadership?

If you are like most leaders, you probably believe that quantum physics is an exotic science that has nothing to do with leadership.

After more than 10 years of experience in transformative leadership, I can tell you that quantum physics is very important in leadership.

I have to admit, my passion or quantum physics is relatively new as I started to read about it 10 years ago. I was trained as a Mechanical Engineer and all our courses focused on Newtonian physics and not quantum physics. In hindsight, this is surprising to me as quantum physics has existed for many decades and it is essential to explain how the universe works. I am not an expert about the subject as it is a very complicated subject but I have learned a lot about how it can be applied to leadership and human relations.

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum physics has not profoundly shocked you, you have not understood it yet. - Neils Bohr

I attended a conference in Montreal with Dr. Amit Goswami last summer, a famous quantum physicist, and what I learned from him blew my mind.

Most of us believe we live in a 3D world surrounded by matter. This cannot be further from the truth. Quantum physics has proven scientifically what the old wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years, that we and everything around us is made of energy. This is not black magic, This is science.

At the micro level, the smallest particles in the universe are constituted of particles of energy that vibrate at a certain frequency. Things that appear to us as solid are made of particles of energy.

Many leaders believe that an organization is like a machine and they can change its performance by pulling some levers, introducing new KPI's or rewards. In reality, an organization is a living system with human beings with millions of cells sensitive to energy.

The energy in an organization is heavily influenced by the energy of the leaders and all the employees and the level of performance of the organization is directly related to the level of energy of the organization which is directly related to the level of consciousness.

One way to affect the energy of the organization is for the leaders to have positive intentions for the organization, its employees and its customers and also to create positive emotions in the organization.

Some leaders believe they can achieve higher levels of performance by creating a climate of fear, so the employees who are afraid for their jobs will work harder. This is a very narrow view of leadership as no one can perform at peak levels in a climate of fear.

Another important way for the leaders to achieve superior performance is to create a very inspiring vision for the company aligned to a high level purpose. Many books have been written on this subject and I strongly believe that profit follows purpose. Just telling employees you want to make more profit and promising them they will get a bigger bonus if you do is not the right way to motivate employees to achieve higher performance.

Human beings are wired to seek meaning and purpose and leaders and employees will be motivated by the opportunity to contribute to a higher purpose and by an inspiring vision that is aligned to their own values, not by profit alone.

When you establish a vision for what you want to achieve in 3 years, this vision has energy and by establishing it, you have already affected the energetic quantum field. This is the power of an intention. You bring this vision back to today and make all the required plans of action to achieve it and you act like it has already been achieved.

As you aim to become a quantum leader, always remember that your own energy is always affecting the quantum field of your organization. You need to meditate everyday to centre yourself and let go of your own fears and limiting beliefs. You need to have a gratitude practice to be grateful for all that you have as gratitude is one the highest vibration emotion. You also need to be focused on contributing to others as the act of giving brings a lot of positive energy in the field.

You also need to be a creative leader to lead from an emerging future and not be attached to the past as the past is limiting and you need to commit to live in a world of infinite possibilities. The only limitations are the ones you can imagine.

When we recognize consciousness as the central theme of the universe, it becomes clear that creativity is our lifeline to that consciousness. - Amit Goswami

To become an efficient quantum leader, you need to embrace your own transformation and do all the inner work required to raise your own energetic vibration.

By becoming aware of our role in a creative universe based on consciousness, we can align ourselves with the evolution of consciousness at a time when life on our planet is under duress. - Amit Goswami

Conscious leaders and quantum leaders.

There are no limits, only possibilities.