Why I want to raise consciousness in business?


by Jeanne Rahilly

I am dedicating my life to raising consciousness in business because I want to be happy and I want others to be happy and because I believe all humans are born to thrive.

For a long time, I have loved personal growth. In fact, I am quite passionate about it. I thrive by it and I want to dedicate my precious time on the planet to learn as much as possible and share constantly with others,

I have had my share of challenging work and life experiences that helped me grow and awaken. In the work place, I felt I was constantly limited in my growth in the organizations I worked in and I was frustrated by the work environment.

One day, I was sitting in my meditation class when I realized what I was meant to do in this life. I was meant to help employees to experience their full power and wellbeing so they could achieve more in their work day and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

After exploring various options for me to contribute, I decided to invest in myself, to become my best asset.  Deep down, I knew I had what it took to help others but I had to go deep inside to find the courage necessary to commit to this and believe in my potential.

I had a vision to be a catalyst for the creation of inspiring work environments where people are happy, well, at ease, continue to learn and in full alignment with their true nature as humans.  This vision was good for the employees and also for the companies as employees love to work for companies that care for them.

The question for every leader to ask is: what vision of the world will I and my organization bring to life?

I believe that healhy humans and healthy companies will generate healthy ideas and run a healthy business.  All the challenges that we are facing in the world right now are just a reflection of an unhealthy way of being of many leaders.

Many people are overwhelmed with life, are endlessly busy and are in dire need to find some clarity, peace, balance, joy, love and connection to themselves and others.

I want to inspire leaders and employees to access a feeling of limitless potential, deep love, nourishment and healing.  To help them see reality as it really is without the veil of the societal programming.

My vision for my life mission is for me to have a significant positive impact on people lives by sharing my passion for personal growth and helping people access their full potential as a human and rediscover their higher selves.  

To achive my mission, I am committed to be a high consciousness leader and I work at it everyday. I am a regular meditator, I connect to the source, I am humble and coachable, I am inspired and inspiring, I am true and authentic.

Today, I feel blessed that I am realizing my life mission as part of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership.