Choosing to see greatness in others


by Stephane Leblanc

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. - William Shakespeare.

Many people are perfectionists and see the weaknesses in others and how imperfect they are. Most performance assessment programs in organizations focus on identifying how people should improve and not enough focus is spent on celebrating how great people are. 

A few years ago I went through a selection process with a large international company based in Sweden for a senior position to lead the North American operations. As I went through the process with the Swedish psychologist and the President of the group, I was told I would not get the job as I was not a mature leader. This despite the incredible work I had done to turn around the struggling operations in the year before and the fact that I was the most focused transformation leader in the group

Throughout this process, I felt that much more time was spent to identify my weaknesses than celebrating my strengths. The company ended up choosing another person from the outside to become President and this new person asked me to leave the organization two months after he arrived. Six months later this person was demoted as he was not an effective transformation leader. He looked better on paper, he fit in, but he could not accomplish the mission. I have no regrets towards this situation as this led to me starting my own company to pursue my soul mission but it did make me reflect on how we choose to see people.

As a conscious leader, I choose to focus on seeing the greatness in others. This does not mean that I do not recognize the need for people to improve some things, but I put most of my efforts on recognizing the full potential in people and I do all I can to help them see what is truly possible for them.

This is not always easy as everyone has fears and limiting beliefs and these have been programmed in them by their parents and their environment and the program is very strong.

When I work with someone to help them recognize and let go of their their fears and limiting beliefs and they start to believe in their higher potential, it is amazing to see how some people really close to them, that are supposed to love them, start to remind them about their weaknesses and that maybe their new belief in their full potentiel and their greatness is not realistic and this creates doubt in them. What these people are doing is trying to transfer their own fears and limiting beliefs on the other person.

My advice to those I coach, is to start to ignore the negative comments from others, especially those from the people closest to them. As you transform yourself and you rise in consciousness, some of the people closest to you who are not transforming will try to pull you down. They do this because they are not willing to do the transformation work themselves and you transforming is putting pressure on them.

As a conscious leader, you must change your mindset in how you see people. You must become one of those special leaders who see all the greatness in others and celebrates it. To do this, you must let go of being perfect and focus on seeing all the possibilities.

This is the way to help people let go of fears and limiting beliefs to rise to their full potential and step into their greatness.

I remember a great quote from the football coach in the movie Friday night lights: "Being perfect has nothing with being perfect. Being perfect is about leaving everything on the field. It is about being able to look your teammates in the eyes and know that there is not a single thing more you could have done to help the team win. If you can do this with love in your heart, then you are perfect."

Be great. Be conscious. Be perfect.