Why are you here?


by Stephane Leblanc

The two most important existential questions that humans reflect on during their lifetime are: Who am I? and Why am I here?

Just like everyone else, you are unique. There has never been anyone like you and there will never be anyone exactly like you.  You have unique talents and skills and a unique personality.

You also have a unique soul mission to accomplish in this lifetime and your personality is perfectly adapted to this soul mission.

Your soul mission often has nothing to do with your work.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

If you are like me, you followed the traditional path of success. 

After a failed career as a military pilot due to me starting to wear glasses, I became an engineer because I was good at math.  I did not really like engineering but I pursued my degree because I believed I needed to have a respectable profession.

I added an MBA to this and had a successful career as senior operations executive for more than 25 years. I became good at it and led several major transformations and in the last decade, the part of my job that I loved the most was to develop high performance teams and to coach my leaders to achieve their full potential.

A few years ago, I had an insight that I would love to help leaders transform themselves and their organizations full time.  That I would love to organize conferences on a new leadership paradigm that was more human and inclusive. That I wanted to travel the world to do my work and help transform humanity.

I wrote this in a black note book but at that time, it felt more like a dream.  After all, who was I to believe that I could leave a rewarding corporate job to become an entrepreneur.  It felt safer to put this dream aside. But, I kept thinking about this. 

One day I was sitting in my office with a manager in my team called Elza and I shared with her my dream. While I talked, I was looking outside the window at the clouds and she said: "Stephane... you are gone.  I can clearly see in your eyes that this is your life mission."

In my heart I knew it was, but I was scared to leave my corporate job and embrace what I now call my soul mission.

The soul is very powerful it will nudge you in the right direction.  If you don't listen, the nudging becomes more direct. 

I was a Vice President and General Manager in a large corporation that did not really believe the kind of transformation leadership I was practicing and I was not so happy. I was earning good money but I was not fulfilled.

When the company launched a major restructuration in September 2014, I was the first VP to be asked to leave.

This shocked me but it did not surprise me as the writing was on the wall as they say.  I went to work for another manufacturing company as the head of North American operations.  This lasted 15 months.  Even if I did a good job to turnaround the operations, I was asked to leave after 15 months as I was too different. Again, my transformational leadership style was not in alignment with the organization senior leaders. 

After 10 months of job search to find another VP operations job, none of which I really wanted, I finally got the message my soul had been trying to tell me for 5 years.

I chose to embrace my soul mission to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and organizations and the elevation of consciousness in business all over the world.

Literally 1 day after I made this choice, LinkedIn introduced me to Jeanne Rahilly, my current business partner who had also made a choice 4 days before to embrace her soul mission and it was exactly like mine.  What a synchronicity! We could even day divine intervention.

In a an acceptance speech he did at the Oscars, Steven Spielberg talked about the little voice inside us that it talking to us all the time.  How it whispers to us gently and how it is up to us to listen.  I believe that if you listen to this little voice, it will help you discover your soul mission.

In my experience, embracing my soul mission has brought a lot of joy in my life and has opened up so many possibilities.

Meeting Jeanne has been a very important moment in my life as we both share the same soul mission and we help each other grow so we can become the full expression of our true selves. This would not have been possible if I did not make the choice to embrace my soul mission.

We have also met so many incredible people that share a similar passion of bringing good in the world.  It is quite amazing that to have such a tribe of kindred souls.

My advice to you is to take some quiet time and go inside.  Take some quality time to be in silence just with yourself. It could be in your living room, at the office or while walking in nature.  Just let yourself be absorbed by the beauty of the quiet moment.  Allow your soul to whisper to you and listen well.

This could very well be the most important listening you will ever do in your life.

If you listen to that whisper, you will discover your soul mission.

You will discover why you are here.