How to become a Conscious Leader


by Stephane Leblanc

When I think of conscious leadership, I think of visionary, responsible and creative leaders who face reality as it is with an open heart and an open mind. Leaders who embrace presence and create a safe space for people to emerge as the wise people they already are. Leaders who want to grow and contribute to others. - Jeanne Rahilly

With the current state of humanity, with so many societal and environmental challenges around the world, with so many employees and leaders being stressed and unfulfilled in their work, we need many more conscious leaders leading conscious organizations. Conscious leadership makes good business sense as employees love to work for conscious companies and customers love to buy from them.

But how does a leader become a conscious leader?

You can't buy, achieve or date serenity and peace of mind. This is the most horrible truth . It is an inside job. - Anne Lamott

Becoming a conscious leader requires a journey inside yourself to transform your way of being. It is not about doing things differently but more about being your best self for the world. There are four steps to follow to become a conscious leader.

Embracing presence

A good place to start is to embrace presence as a key leadership skill. Most leaders are doing multi tasking with their brain working at a high frequency and they are not really present. As Ram Dass always says: "Be here now". Or John Kabat-Zin: ''Wherever you go, there you are.'' Being present means being there for ourself to see what feelings and emotions emerge an also being there for others when they need us.

Adopting a mindfulness meditation practice can be of great help for leaders to be present. Present with their team, and facing reality as it really is. - Jeanne Rahilly

This is not always an easy process for many of us as we have been accustomed to be in multi-tasking mode so we can accomplish more and in my experience, as Conscious Leaders, it is important to focus on being as much as doing.  

Raising your consciousness

Becoming a conscious leader requires that you raise your consciousness by shining a light on your fears and limiting beliefs that you have inherited from your parental and societal programming so that you can let go of the fears of your ego and embrace the values of your soul. This will allow you to feel a better alignment between your mind, body and soul and you will feel better connected to your soul mission. Your energy vibration will rise and you will be significantly more inspiring to those you lead.

Shifting your focus from I to WE

Becoming a conscious leader also requires that you put your focus on others instead of on your ego needs. This is a very important step as we live in a very materialistic society where many people are focused on their own ego needs and use others to fulfill their needs. This shift will allow you to really connect to others needs, inside and outside your organization and to use your company resources to fulfill these needs and make a difference in the world.

Commit to making a difference

Conscious leadership is about making a difference in people lives and in society. Becoming a conscious leader requires that you use your skills and talents and your leadership position to bring good in the world. By doing so, you will raise the attractiveness of your company for all stakeholders and you will personally feel a lot of love and joy in your heart.

What is the dream or vision that will not let go of you? What is the difference you want to make in the world? Whatever it is, do it now. The world cannot afford for you to wait any longer. - Alan Seale

I encourage you to start you own transformation journey to become a conscious leader now. The world needs you as as a transformation agent so that together we can create a promising future for the next generations.