A crisis in consciousnesss

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We are currently living in a crisis of leadership in all spheres of society and this crisis is essentially a crisis of consciousness. 

We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit. - David Suzuki

There are so many signs that we are destroying our environment, yet many country leaders and business leaders are still arguing this fact.  Even Trump, the leader of the most powerful country in the world, keeps contradicting science and has even gotten rid of all the scientist in the white house and said many times: "It's cold here, we need more global warming."

Some US industrialists with significant interests in fossil fuels, have spent enormous amounts of money to prove that the science on global warming is false. This is a clear sign they are focused on their one needs and are neglecting the global common good. 

This low level of consciousness in leadership can also be seen in many businesses. 

Take the gun industry, which benefits whenever there is a mass shooting in the US and is one of the most influential lobby in the US.

Take the food industry where several traditional food companies produce food with ingredients that are addictive or detrimental to people heath in order to make more money.  What about the nobility of contributing to people health with high quality and healthy food?

Take the pharmaceutical industry where many reports are written by public relation firms to get drug approved minimizing the side effects or the fact that some pharmaceutical companies pay huge royalties to doctors to prescribe their drugs irrespective to what is good or not for the patients. 

Last year, I had such an experience myself with the medical system when my son was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis.  When we went to the hospital with my son to receive the diagnostic, I was hopeful as the young doctor was from Indian origin.  I was very disappointed when she told my son that his disease was incurable and that the only way to diminish the symptoms was chemotherapy.  What about the fact that most diseases are physical manifestation of an energy imbalance or the fact that the symptoms of many such diseases can be eliminated with a change in eating habits? Now my son who is a teenager has it fixed in his mind that he has an incurable disease.

I have also experienced the low level of consciousness in organizations as I have seen many senior leaders focused on their own need first while neglecting the needs of those they lead.  I used to work for a large international manufacturing company that was struggling financially a few years ago and they decided to fire thousands of people to improve their bottom line.  The employees were sacrificed but not the most senior leaders as they kept their bonus intact.  This company is still struggling financially 3 years later as the owner hired a CEO with the same low level of consciousness as himself and this leader has basically destroyed the high performance culture that was present for a long time that focused both on employee development and wellbeing as much as performance. 

There are many other leaders who get it.  Leaders who have transcended their own ego needs and are committed to creating workplaces where people can thrive and serve their clients with products and services that are ethical.  These leaders are committed to making a difference and lead their business in a sustainable way. Not surprisingly, these leaders are are also achieving breakthrough results. 

It is time for all leaders to embrace Conscious Leadership and make a difference.

it is time for leaders to lead from a higher level of consciousness.