5 reasons to attend the Global Summit of Conscious Leadership

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The Global Conscious Leadership Summit is the premier gathering of Conscious Leaders around the world who want to elevate their leadership to make a difference or their organization and the world and achieve a record level of performance.

This is a unique and innovative event that will gather hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, politicians and community organizations to embrace Conscious Leadership as the leadership paradigm for the new economy.

Conscious leadership is a new leadership paradigm that balances individual self-interest with the global common good. It is guided by vision and driven by values and targets the success of all stakeholders for the creation of a promising future for the next generations.
Conscious leadership is the only leadership paradigm to thrive in the new economy.

As we get closer to the event, we are sharing our top 6 reasons to attend the Global Summit of Conscious Leadership.

1. Attend insightful conferences by international speakers on Conscious Leadership

We are thrilled to host high profile keynote speakers such as:  Raj Sisodia, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism and Co-Author of Conscious Capitalism, Nilima Bhat, Co-Author, Shakti Leadership: Leveraging Feminine and Masculine Power in Business, Tim Kelley, Author, True Purpose, Ashley Munday, Director or Culture and Organizational Transformation, Gilles Brouillette, President of the Transformational Learning Institute. These speakers will talk about conscious leadership, the healing organization, leveraging feminine leadership, defining organizational purpose and shifting from training leaders to transforming leaders.

2. Learn how to apply the principles of Conscious Leadership in your organization

Senior business leaders from Canada and Denmark will share their practical experience in being conscious leaders. The panel will be led by Helene Gagnon and will include Natalie Voland, Tony Loffreda, Eric Filion, Christina Ørnstrand and Julian Giaccomeli.

3. Embody wisdom through mindfulness practice

Learn how meditation and mindfulness can help you improve your self mastery and also improve the climate in your organization to help your employees better manage stress and perform at their best.

4. Learn how to embrace your feminine and masculine power

Learn how to be a catalyst for the rise of feminine leadership in your organization and how men and women can become more complete leaders by embracing both their feminine and masculine essence. 

5. Join a community of inspiring leaders

Network and connect with a community of inspiring leaders who know that business can be a force for good and share your insights with others

This is a Global event which will be held in Montreal on Montreal.

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