Are you ready to lead with Love?

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By Stephane Leblanc

Are you ready to lead with love?

Are you ready to lead with love?  Yes, love. This word that many people have advised me not to use in business because business is a serious business, where we need to be focused on results, on KPI'S and on profits. How can we talk about love in business?

How can you achieve greatness if you don't love what you do?  How can you lead your organization to achieve extraordinary things of you are not passionate about what you do?  Where does love from? Where does passion come from? The heart. How can you be an effective leader if you don't lead from your heart?  How can you touch people heart if you don't speak from your heart?

As we pursue our higher education, we are taught to lead with our brain.  If you study in business, you will learn all the details about the theory of leadership which is all from the brain, but rarely will you learn about leading from your heart.

I believe that love is a fundamental pillar of Conscious Leadership. I believe is the foundation if all great acts of creation. 

Do you love your employees? Are you creating an environment where your employees feel loved and appreciated? Where they feel emotionally secured? Are you committed to their development to help them rise to their full potential?  Are you encouraging them to take risks and to learn from their failures so they will eventually create breakthroughs?

Do you love your customers? Are you committed to provide them amazing experiences? Are you willing to listen to their needs and to do all that is required to meet them? Are you willing to apologize when your organization fails to meet them?  Are you willing to create loyal customers who will become advocates for your brand?

Do your love your community?  Are you willing to use your talents, resources and passion to bring goodness in your community?  Are you willing to transform society so that all humans can thrive? Are you willing to make a difference?

Do you love yourself?  You cannot love others more than you love yourself.  Are you committed to your own well being? Are you willing to invest 15 minutes  a day to meditate, to exercise 3 times a week, to eat healthy, to spend time in the stillness and silence?  Are you wiling to love yourself enough to face your fears and limiting beliefs so you can transcend them?

Are you willing to become a Conscious Leader and lead with love?

Ae you willing to become the greatest expression of yourself and help others do the same?

I have made this choice many years ago and my heart is full of love, joy and peace.