Are you ready to make a difference?

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- By Stephane Leblanc

Carl Jung,  a respected psychologist described the human journey through life in a simple way when he said that the first 40 years of our life is about ambition and the next 40 years is about meaning and purpose. 

In the first 40 years, we are driven by our ego and we seek to fulfill our most basic needs for security, belonging and achievement.  We work hard to achieve results, to earn a good salary, to be recognized and to achieve our full potential.  As we achieve success, we seek to acquire material possessions, get married, have kids, have a nice house, a nice car, a cottage, travel to Italy and so much more.  In that phase, many of us believe that our true value in this life lies in our achievements, our title, our salary and that our material possessions are the physical demonstration of our success.

Then one day, after we celebrate our 40th birthday, we realize that all this does not make us happy. We start thinking that there must be more to life, something more profound, more deep, more meaningful.  Some people call this a midlife crisis.  I call this a midlife awakening.  As we go inside to find answers, we discover that life is really about meaning and purpose.

That day when we awake about the real meaning and purpose of life is a great day as it is the beginning of our transformation and the rise of our consciousness.  Richard Barrett did a lot of ground breaking work to define the levels of consciousness of leaders and organizations.  He also said that the level of consciousness of a human reflects the psychological evolution of the person.  In Barrett model, there are seven levels of consciousness.  The first three levels are about the ego and the top three levers are about the soul and the fourth level is the beginning of the transformation when there is a healthy ego - soul dynamic. 

Basically, at the first three levels, we are driven by the fears of our ego and are focused on our self-interests and at the top three levels, we are focused on the needs of the greater good.

Most of the challenges and suffering in the world has been created by leaders who are driven by their ego and take from the world to fulfill their own needs with not enough care for the needs of others.  Leaders who have not healed the wounds from their past and lead from fear. They lead from a lower level of consciousness. Leaders who never achieve enough, never have enough and are never good enough.  Leaders who don't have enough self love and look to the outside world to give them their self worth. They lead from a lower level of consciousness and at best, the focus for their organization is achievement.  Sometimes, some of these leaders will do anything to succeed, even i it creates suffering for other humans. 

When leaders finally awake to the illusion of the reality they have lived in so far, their are ready to start the transformation process to rise in consciousness.  This transformation requires an inner journey and facing our fears and limiting beliefs, most of which we have inherited from our parental and cultural conditioning. This allows us to overcome them and ensure that they no longer drive our behaviours.  As we rise in consciousness, we gain the freedom to express our unique self with honesty and integrity. We discover and hone our own skills and talents and we choose to become all we can become. 

We also shift the focus of our leadership from I to WE and we want to make a difference for our people, our clients and our community.  We adopt a longer view and assume our responsibility to co-create a promising future for the next generations which in return allows us to generate much better results for our organization.   We also shift from competition to cooperation as we reach out to other leaders to cooperate and co-create a promising future for the next generations. We lead from love.  We love ourselves, we love our people, we love our clients, we love our community.

We all know the world currently does not work.  There are sign of this everywhere.  We all have to make an important choice.  We can keep leading from our ego and ignore the major problems we are facing as humanity or we can choose to be responsible and awake to a new way of being a leader and commit to our own transformation journey so we can raise our consciousness.

Together, we can save the world.

Are you ready to make a difference?

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