Are you ready to be a generous listener?

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

For most of our formal education and corporate training, we have learned to be good at public speaking as good leaders are good communicators.

We have forgotten that listening is also part of good communication, especially for conscious leaders.

As Margaret Wheatley said, listening is a transformational act.  Listening is so simple.  All we need to do is to be present, nothing else. We don't have to advise, to be a coach, or a wise person.  We just have to be willing to sit in silence and listen with authenticity.  

Is your listening authentic? 

When you listen to another person, if you are listening only to the words, you are missing most of the communication. as only 7% of the communication is done through the words, 40% is done through the emotions and 53% through the body language .

We need to learn to listen with the eyes, the heart and the ears.  Unfortunately, the omnipresence of technology has killed visual contact.

There is a big difference between ordinary listening and generous listening.

In ordinary listening, the focus is on us.  It is based on the past as we bring our biases towards the other person into the conversation. It destroys possibilities and creates separation.

In generous listening,  the focus is on the other person.  We have no agenda and are open to all possibilities. It is focused on the future and creates connexion.

Listening is important for leaders at it helps them connect with others and understand their needs. It increases their influence as people generally listen more to people who listen to them and it allows them to show compassion to those they lead and serve.

Everyone wants to be heard.  Listening opens the possibility to authentic human relationships. - William Ury.

To practice generous listening, we can shine the light on the other and put ourselves in their shoes.  We can listen to the human behind the words and listen from their point of view. We can also listen to emotions, beliefs, needs and values.

Knowledge speaks. Wisdom listens. - Jimmy Hendrix

To improve our listening, we can listen to ourselves, give ourselves a moment of silence before an important conversation and put our focus on the other person with an open heart and an open mind.

Are you ready to be a generous listener?

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