Choosing to be simply human


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

What happens when people choose to be simply human with no title, no masks, nothing to defend, nothing to prove and nothing to promote?

What happens is that we can be in communion with each other as the simplest expression of our humanity. 

We are born weak and fragile and will die weak and fragile.  In between, most of us choose to show the world a certain version of ourselves, but most often, this version is not the most authentic version.  The version we choose to show is often embellished and improved as we have come to believe that the real version of us is simply not good enough, not worthy and not lovable. 

This is a story that is being fed by our societal program as most corporations want us to believe this to be true as it encourages us to consume beauty products, clothes and accessories that will help us improve the version of ourselves we choose to show the world.  There are even apps to improve the look of our faces on pictures so we can show a more plastic version of us.

This story is an old story and it is completely false.  We are a creation of the universe, a true masterpiece.  We were conceived by the union of two cells and were born with fifty trillion cells.  Where was the map for all this?.  It was in the original two cells. Can't you see the magic of how you came to life and how special you are?

How could we be anything than perfect as we are now.  We are constantly evolving and transforming, but at every step of our evolution, we are the most perfect version of of ourselves that we can be.

Perfection does not mean that everything about us is perfect, it simply means that we are perfect in all our imperfections.  Can you imagine if all of us were perfect according to a standard defined by society?  It would be so boring as it would be like we were robots programmed to be in a certain way.  The societal program is certainly working hard to make us believe this is the way to go. But is is not what the universe intended for us.

It is time that we let go of the old story we have been told and that we choose to be simply human with all our qualities and also all our flaws as it is by being the authentic version of ourselves that we will be able to truly connect with each other and also be able to make our greatest contribution to the world.

Are you ready to be simply human?