Conscious Leadership Is About Honouring Life

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Recently, I met a very inspiring woman who what was introduced to me as a potential speaker for one of my conscious leadership summits. I scheduled a video call with her and within a few minutes, I realized that she was a special woman. When I organize conscious leadership summits, I always look for these special people who have transformed their lives to become conscious leaders and are in service to the rise of consciousness in humanity so we can create a new world where all living beings can thrive. I sensed right away that this woman was one of these so I asked her to tell me about her life story.

I learned that she used to work in the corporate world as a TV produced and completely transformed her life after the death of two of her children. One of her children died within a few hours of being born and the other one died 5 months after being conceived. I was deeply touched when I heard this as I can only imagine the immense pain a mother must go through when losing her children like this. Such life challenges would have been enough to bring someone down forever.  

But this inspiring woman called Joanie Lacroix chose to use these life challenges to transform herself and her life as she left her corporate career to create Pastel fluo, a platform to elevate people and enrich their lives by shining a light on the beauty, wisdom, and transformation of humans in this challenging transition to a more human and ecological era. 

By listening to Joanie story and the stories she has told through her documentaries about people who have faced extreme life challenges and have used them to completely transform their lives, it became even more clear to me that conscious leadership is about honoring Life, all life. That conscious leadership is also about love, as we usually don't hurt people of things we love on purpose and also about celebrating the immense beauty in all people, all living beings and all of nature.

In our current society, it occurs to me that many leaders don't have a lot of respect for life. as they do what whatever it takes to maximize their profits, even if their actions causes harm to their employees and their clients well being. It is a very masculine way of being to do whatever it takes to achieve the results, no matter what the consequences. Such an attitude is rooted in the warrior archetype and it is time to remember that true warriors have a big heart and are committed to protect life and not destroy it.

It is time for all leaders to embrace their feminine energy so we can also be nurturing and caring and can demonstrate grace in our leadership as much as warriorship.

It is also time to reconnect with ourselves so we can truly connect with others and the world as our lack of actions to truly protect our environment is rooted in our lack of connection with nature which is derived from our lack of connection with ourselves and others.

Love is also key in leadership. How can we love our children and carry our work as it our kids future did not matter? How can we be so unconscious that we are destroying our own environment which will threaten the prospects for our species? How can we allow our actions to destroy so many species?

Our current way of being is very arrogant as we think we can dominate nature and do as we please while life on earth is facing the sixth mass extinction? It is time to wake up and remember who we really are. We were born out of love and are meant to thrive, just like all other species on the planet.

It is time to honour all life by leading with love and honouring beauty.