Doing Less, Being More


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

I have declared that year is the year of embodiment for me.

Over the last several years, I have made what is probably the longest journey for man, the journey from the head to the heart. I now spend a lot of my time in my heart as I know that conscious leadership is a leadership from the heart.

This year, I am focusing on making the journey from the heart to the body. This is very important journey for me as I have finally realized that my body is essential to living a human life and that the quality of my life is in direct proportion to health of my body as much as it is to the quality of my thoughts and emotions because it is difficult to enjoy life fully when we are tired, sick or have a disease.

My mother died of cancer when she was 52. Today I am 52, so at my age, my mom was dead. In the last few years, I have lost some close friends. Eric was a close friend I met in military college and he died of a heart attack at 49. Donald was a close friend and facilitator of transformation who helped me a lot over the years and died at 53 of cancer. From this, I realized that we never really know when our last day will be and that we need to make the most out of every day.

This journey of embodiment is quite a challenge for me as it seems that my body has always been an afterthought as I took care of it after I had completed my work and took care of everyone else. I have always been a warrior, although one with a big heart, but a warrior nonetheless. I have always valued myself in my doing. In fact, many say I am a master at GSD (Getting Stuff Done).  This way of being started a long time ago.

When I was young, I was very shy. As we did not have a lot of money, it seems that one day I decided that I could differentiate myself by being the hardest worker. All my life, I have worked extremely hard, harder than most people I know. I worked in intense industries so my work ethic served me well as I moved up the ranks rapidly to become a effective senior executive. and I accomplished a lot as I was a leader of transformation.

I have been an entrepreneur for two years now as a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the elevation of consciousness in organizations. I know very well that I cannot guide people to rise in consciousness higher than I am myself and that being fully embodied is critical to my mission. I often say that wisdom is embodied knowledge and although I know what it means to be embodied, I still have a lot of work to do to be fully embodied. And in this case, the work about doing less, not more. Doing less so I can be more.

All my life, I have been a master of doing, now I want to become a master of being. This is proving to be quite a challenge as I am facing my limiting belief that I don't deserve success unless I am the hardest worker and that I will not be successful as an entrepreneur unless I work all the time.

In my work of holding space for the transformation of others, a lot of the work happens in the energy as wise and calm people are always more effective at helping others transform.

A lot of the people who love me and care for me have shared with me their concerns about my health and I have made a choice to choose myself. This is the purest act of radical self-love and I know that unless I embrace this self-love fully, I will always be limited in my ability to help others transform. I am also not as young as before, so my body is also asking me for love.

I am on the path of transformation towards my embodiment and I am learning to listen to the needs of my body. I am also learning to demonstrate as much discipline in my self-love as I do in my work ethic.

The journey of life is to be fully embodied and I intend to master my embodiment. 

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