Embracing Radical Self-Love

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

In my mission of being a catalyst for the transformation of others, I am clearly a giver.  I am so committed to help others grow and transform, that I always help anyone who comes into my life.

The challenge with this is that I  often forget to take care of myself which eventually drains my energy and takes me out of out zone of well being and full alignment.

As I am now more visible on social media and do a lot of public events, many people reach out to me and ask to meet me for coffee and lunch.   I also get a lot of positive feedback for my work about all the love and light I bring into the world, but once in while, I get criticism from people I have never met who do not like me or my work.

Sometimes the criticism is quite negative and although I am always open to suggestions for improvements, I have learned to protect my energy by setting my boundaries.  I will respond politely once once to the criticism and if the criticism continues, I no longer respond as such approach by these people does not contribute to elevating me in any way.

As I am fully authentic and transparent about who I am and my mission, I have learned that not everyone will resonate with me and I am ok with that. I choose to focus my energy on people that do resonate with me and my work.  I have no need to defend myself, to prove myself or to promote myself.  My mission is to elevate consciousness and I know now that I am more efficient by working with people who are already open to this type of work. I work with people who are already awakened and I help them rise higher in consciousness.

How are you doing on your radical self love? How are you protecting your energy? What are you doing to take care of yourself?

In my long career as a senior executive, I have observed that many leaders will dedicate themselves to the business and will often neglect their own self care.  In sacrificing themselves, they often end up outside of their zone of well being and full performance and will often ask others to sacrifice themselves also which often leads to less engagement, more stress and burnout.  Athletes know how to balance efforts and rest.  As corporate athletes, we also need to balance efforts and self-care.

As I don't naturally take care of myself, I feel blessed that I some loving and caring friends have come in my life to help me focus on my health.  They often remind me that I too deserve my own love and how important caring for my body is so I can carry on with my mission for a long time by being healthy.  One even made me commit to myself to care for my body unconditionally with healthy nutrition and daily exercise and meditation.

I am far from being a master of my own self-care but I am definitely committed to embrace radical self-love.

How about you, are you ready to embrace radical self-love?