Feminine leadership as a pillar of Conscious Leadership


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

All women and men are born with the masculine and feminine principle in them but society teaches us quickly to ignore one side of our personality in order to meet the norms of society, thus depriving us of a healthy balance. 

In the Indian tradition, it is understood that everything exists in its dual nature. There is the Shiva, which is the masculine principle of consciousness and awareness.  But just to be a mindful and conscious leader is not enough if you don't also have access to Shakti which is the creative executive function of that consciousness.  Shiva and Shakti are like the yin and the yang in the yogic tradition.

To become a Conscious Leader, you need to become a whole person, and by whole person, we mean psychologically whole so you can have access to both your feminine and your masculine side.  - Nilima Bhat

In society and in business, there is often an imbalance between the feminine and the masculine because the business world is still dominated by the masculine which often seeks to minimize the female energy in women and men. The result of all this is a focus on fierce competition and personal interests and a neglect of cooperation and the well being of the whole.

For several years, there has been a focus on increasing women in leadership positions and several organizations are working hard to achieve parity, but progress is very slow. Another challenge is that women who enter leadership positions often have to adopt a variety of masculine behaviours in order to succeed in a predominantly male business world. As for men, they often neglect the feminine principle in them as it is often as a weakness, which prevents them from being whole and from having access to a more complete and versatile leadership.

This imbalance between the feminine and the masculine causes negative impacts for humanity since materiality has taken over spirituality. The Western logic of focus on ego and short-term vision has taken over the Eastern philosophy of focus on the common good and long-term vision. We prioritize our intellect above our intuition, we pursue growth at all costs instead of protecting the environment, we prefer war to peace, fierce competition to cooperation.  

To be psychologically whole, you need to have access to both your masculine principle which is your presence, your mindfulness, your stillness and you also need to have access to your feminine principle which is your creativity, your empathy, your inclusivity, your collaboration and your ability to hold the whole process while you move forward. - Nilima Bhat

Fortunately, there are more and more female leaders and more and more male leaders who accept their feminine principle.  Conscious Leadership will transform the business world by taking care of the needs of all stakeholders while achieving superior results. The emergence of female leadership is one of the pillars of conscious leadership.

Together, we can facilitate the emergence of feminine leadership and promote a more balanced business world, which will enable us to create conscious organizational cultures and achieve much better results while co-creating a promising future for the next generations.