Five Ways to Spot a Conscious Leader


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Humanity is facing major challenges on the societal and environmental front.  In business, many people are disengaged as they are not inspired by the old business paradigm that maximizing profits is the main priority of business.  Many more are checked-out and perform well below their potential. 

To transform business and humanity, we need more conscious leaders. Conscious leadership makes good business sense as employees love to work for conscious companies and perform better in them as they are inspired to greatness. Customers love to buy from conscious companies. 

Here are five things we need to pay attention to spot a conscious leader:

Conscious leaders have transformed their leadership

Conscious leaders have done a journey inside themselves to transform their way of being.  They have courageously faced the fears and limiting beliefs of their parental and societal and have been able to overcome them.  This has allowed them to rise in consciousness and to lead from a higher level of consciousness.  In this journey, they have discovered and embraced who they really are and have committed to follow their life mission.  They are very comfortable with who they are and they choose to be authentic leaders.  

Conscious leaders have personal mastery

Conscious leaders have a strong mindfulness practice in order to master presence so they can be present to themselves and others and to the challenges as they arise.  They have also developed strong emotional intelligence abilities and they understand that in order to lead others, they must first lead themselves.  When they are triggered by the behaviours of others, they recognize that this is pointing to something inside themselves that they still need to heal and they demonstrate equanimity. 

Conscious leaders have a clear vision

Conscious leaders have a crystal clear vision for the future of their organization and they are deeply inspired by this vision.  They have also communicated this vision to all members of their team and they have enrolled everyone in this mission.  They know that their key responsibility is to manage the energy of their team and they constantly communicate with all employees. They put a key focus on recognizing people for great work. 

Conscious Leaders have made the shift from I to WE

As they have risen in consciousness, conscious leaders now put their focus on others instead of their own ego needs. They are no longer using other people to fulfill their own needs. They are committed to be a catalyst for other's growth and success.  They have transformed their company culture so that employees can be fulfilled at work and can achieve their full potential which allows the organization to achieve breakthrough results.

Conscious leaders are committed to make a difference

Conscious leaders are committed to make a difference in people lives and in society.  They use their talent and their leadership position to bring good in the world.  They are committed to leave a positive leadership legacy. They get a lot of joy from being a positive leader.

If you already to transform your leadership and become a conscious leader, we can help you.