How much do you care about life?


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership 

How much do you care about life? What are you prepared to do to honour life?

In my quest to make a meaningful difference in the life of people and in the world, I am constantly reflecting on my impact.  As the same time I am constantly seeking wisdom so I can rise in consciousness myself so I can guide others on their own path of transformation and rise in consciousness.

I believe that when you seek wisdom, it will eventually find you and I have been blessed to meet very inspiring and wise teachers in my life.  One of these teachers is Michelle Holliday, the author of the inspiring book The Age of Thrivability. The other was Anneloes Smitsman, the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth.

I have had many conversations with Michelle and Anneloes which have altered my view of leadership and life.  All my life, I have aimed to constantly transform myself and my leadership so I can be an leader with impact.  Now I know that leadership is not enough as we need to embrace stewardship. 

As stewardship is not a commonly used word in leadership, I looked up the definition in the Webster's dictionary, Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care, ex: stewardship of natural resources.

The first nations understood this concept of stewardship well when they said: that he earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth and also that we should be making decisions considering the impact on 7 generations. 

From this, it occurs to me that conscious leadership is about honouring all life. This includes all humans without exceptions and also all animals, insects, plants and all of nature. 

Why is it ok that 20 million humans die of hunger every year?  Why is it ok for industrial farmers to abuse animals? Why is it ok for food companies to sell food that damages their customers health?  Why is it ok for humans to behave in such a way that we are now facing the 6th mass extinction? Don’t we care about life?

The science about climate change has been clear for many years, yet most people chose to ignore it until recently and some oil companies have actually spent hundred of millions to fight the science and some country leaders also pretend like it does not exist. Some others constantly make trade offs with the economy and it is no surprise that the economy always wins.

We all know that most plastic is not recycled and that much of it ends up in the garbage or in the ocean, yet most consumers still buy products packaged in plastic and most companies and most governments do nothing.

Some scientists say that we only have a few years to take concrete actions to avoid a climate catastrophe. Others say it is already too late.

As stewards, it is our duty to protect life, not just for this generation, but also all future generations. What will tell your great grand kids when they ask you what you did when you found out life on earth was threatened?

As conscious leaders, we should target to leave the earth in a better way that we inherited it. We should also be committed to protect all life on earth.

The UN estimates it would take US$ 30 billion to save the 20 million people that will die this year.  As there are more than 2200 billionaires in the world and their total net worth is estimated at US$ 9.1 trillion, I am sure they could help solve this without suffering too much impact on their quality of life.

All of us need to do some searching when it comes to our commitment to honour life.  As we rise in consciousness, we become more aware of the impact of our leadership and the choices we make as citizens, If we choose to eat meet, we cannot avoid thinking about the life that was lost for our meal. If we choose to drink bottled water, we cannot void thinking about where this bottle will end up.

How much do you care about life?  What are you prepared to do to respect and honour life?

As you ready to be a responsible leader and become a conscious leader?