How your HR team can help transform your organization with Conscious Leadership

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Today, Human Resources leaders and professionals are seen as true business partners to the leadership team.  They play an integral role in developing leaders and employees to their full potential. They also play a key role in helping the senior leadership team create a high performance organizational culture that will allow all the members of the team to thrive and the organization to achieve breakthrough results. 

In this context, HR professional can greatly benefit from embracing conscious leadership as it is the new leadership paradigm that will allow organizations to thrive in this VUCA world while having a positive impact in society.

This will allow them to coach leaders to inspire employees by crafting an inspiring vision and truly invest in people to create growth opportunities for everyone. By putting people first, they can create a work environment of inclusion, trust and belonging.  They can also help leaders bring awareness, authenticity and caring to their leadership role and lead from a place of trust, responsibility, curiosity, integrity and ease.

They can also help create a work environment with no drama with a focus on "we" not "me" where the organization can create wins for all instead of win-lose scenarios. An organization that places a high priority on mission, values and commitment to service.

This is why it is a great idea for all HR professionals and leaders to attend the Global Summit of Conscious Leadership in Montreal on April 9th.

This one-day event has been approved by the Order of HR Professionals of Quebec for 7 hours of continuous education.

You can save 50$ by getting your ticket before March 22nd.