Leading with compassion

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

True leadership requires us to get the best out of people so we can accomplish the mission and vision of the organization and generate the best results possible.
In my career of 30 years as a leader, I have found that compassion is an essential skill for conscious leaders as we lead humans with human challenges.
In a world where we value demanding leaders, some leaders see compassion as a weakness, I see it as a strength as it allows us to create emotionally safe workplaces so all team members can thrive and rise to their full potential and the organization can achieve breakthrough results.
Compassion allows us to welcome all our team members as whole humans with human lives and human challenges outside of work and human emotions at work. It also allows us to listen to the needs of our clients and fulfill them which contributes to loyalty.
Having compassion as a leader allows us to walk in other's shoes, to understand their fears, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses. And it also means doing everything within our power to help others be successful.
Compassion also allows us to see clearly through others perspective and helps us develop and maintain healthy relationships, particularly in challenging work situations.

Developing a culture that embraces compassion allows the organization to develop a competitive advantage as it allows everyone to understand the other's perspective, build trust, and align around a shared mission. 

Leaders who lead with compassion are simply better leaders.

Are you ready to lead with compassion?