On Visionary Leadership


By Stephane Leblanc

Do you have a crystal clear vision for your organisation? 

Do you also have a clear vision for your life?

As I was listening to Barrack Obama deliver the 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture this week, I was reflecting on the power of visionary leadership and how essential it is for any leader who wants to lead his organization to greatness to have an inspiring vision.

I have worked in business as a senior leader for many years and I have often wondered what the visions of my leaders were. It was always obvious they wanted us to make money but it was not always clear what their overall long term vision for our organization was. In most cases, their vision was addressed to the brains of the people they led and not their heart so they were not always inspiring.

When we talk about leadership, my greatest inspirations are people like Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi as they sacrificed their own personal interests for the common good and to accomplish something that most people thought impossible.

Mandela is a very inspiring man to me as he was also a rebel. He was imprisoned for his beliefs and he used the time he spent in prison to transform himself into a wise man. He had a very profound vision of what was possible for South Africa and this vision guided him through his actions.

His profound vision and deep commitment to his mission as well as his humility allowed him to transform South Africa. He will forever be remembered as a true conscious leader.

I also used the power of a vision to transform many businesses and I learned that an inspiring vision is one that touches people heart. This is the kind of vision that encourages people to get up early in the morning to go work and give their very best.

In my work as a catalyst for the transformation of leaders, I also advise all my client to set a very clear vision for their life. A vision that is to inspiring that they are willing to fall in love with it. This is essential to allow them to be deeply inspired by their future and let go of their attachement to the past. To give them the courage to take concrete actions to realize their dreams.

I have a very clear vision for my life and it allows to be very inspired every day as I am deeply in love with my vision and I have a tremendous amount of energy every day as I take concrete actions to realize my dreams.

Do you have a clear vision for your life?

Are you deeply inspired every day? 

Do you have a high level of energy?

If you want to tranform your leadership or your life, I am here for you.