Opening our hearts

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

It is often quite challenging to live a human life with so many challenges and so many upsets. Sometimes, it seems that the joys we have never last long enough, as just when we feel comfortable and at peace, we face another challenge. These challenges can come from life events and most often than not, from our relationships.

As we travel on our life journey, we have all experienced that love like all things and emotions in our life is not permanent as it comes and goes, relationships come and go, even friendships come and go, as we evolve and transform and our relationships usually match who we are and sometimes relationships end when we least expect it.

As we have learned from our education and society to favor the rational over the emotional, we spend most of our time in our heads and not enough time in our hearts. From our life experiences, we have learned that we can get hurt if we have an open heart and that we need to be careful whom we open our hearts to. This is, even more, the case in leadership as our society usually favors leaders who are tough than the ones who are sensitive.

What we forget with all this is that we cannot really connect with others and with life unless we have an open heart and that our relationships will be mostly transactional unless we can connect heart to heart with others.

As we open our heart, we will still encounter upsetting situations in our life and our reflex will be to close our heart to protect ourselves. I have found that in all situations, it is better to keep an open heart as this allows us to heal faster and to resolve any upsetting situations in a more optimal way.

As the research of the has proven, the heart is more intelligent than the brain and that an open heart gives us access to more intuition which allows us to access the wisdom that our brain could not perceive.

Our brain is most often driven by the fears and limiting beliefs of our ego and our heart is mostly driven by love and the desires of our souls.

No matter what happens in our lives, if we want to heal ourselves and our relationships and access a high level of insights and creativity, it is always better to keep our heart open.

Are you ready to open your heart?