Seeing Beauty in Everyone and in Everything

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

I spent the majority of my life as a perfectionist and I was mostly focusing on what was missing in the world and in people.

As a leader, this was very challenging for me and those I led as I always saw how people and their results could be better.  It was also challenging for my kids as they inherited my perfectionism.

Then one day everything shifted for me.

I was introduced to a professional photographer by a close friend as he was her brother. As I was travelling to New York City with my son, she suggested that I pay a visit to her brother in his gallery in Soho.

It was a busy visit but I was very curious and I chose to call him and arrange for a meeting. When I arrived, I was struck by the beauty of his art as his gallery was filled with gorgeous pictures of wild horses from Sable Island.

I spent two hours with him talking while sitting in his gallery with my son and I was captivated by his story about getting access to this secluded island in the Atlantic just off the coast of Nova Scotia and how he talked about beauty.

This allowed me to discover a whole new definition of beauty and to develop an acute sense of being able to see beauty in everyone and everything.

I have been an amateur photographer at times, and it is true that once one becomes a photographer, one can never see life the same way. Everything and everyone is a potential shot. 

Also, through my many life challenges and my focus on my own transformation to become a conscious leader, I have gained a whole new appreciation of life as I see life as a miracle and such a blessing. I feel so blessed to be alive and to live in a country where we are safe, we have clean water, food in abundance and our life is not in danger. This is so precious.

I now see so much beauty everywhere and in everyone. I focus on seeing the beauty and genius in everyone I meet instead of seeing what is missing . 

When I coach someone, I see all that is possible for them and I help them see it so they can rise to their full potential and step into their greatness.

I feel blessed that life is bringing so many beautiful souls in my life to share the life's journey with me and help me grow.

Life is so immensely beautiful. 

Can you see it?