The 5 Things Great Leaders Do

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

The best leaders lead at a whole new level as they have spent years transforming themselves and their leadership to differentiate themselves from the pack, create breakthrough results and make a difference. So how do they do it? What is their secret? Are you one of them?

I have spent 30 years in business, 23 if these as a leader and the last 15 as a transformation leader. Now I am a catalyst for the transformation of leaders. I have seen the best of business and the worse of business. I have seen great leaders transform organizations by helping their team to rise to their full potential and I have seen bad leaders destroy their company cultures by focusing only on money. 

I have observed that the top performers share some of the same patterns, habits, and characteristics. I’ve distilled them down into five major categories and I have worked for many years to integrate them into my work life — practicing them, honing them, teaching them. As a result, I have successful led several organizational transformations and I have helped hundreds of leaders rise to their full potential and step into their greatness. Here is what I have observed:

The best leaders take ownership 

The best leaders take ownership of everything. They are not victims. They take responsibility of everything that happens in the unit they lead and they also take ownership for their feelings, thoughts and actions. They don’t blame others for their lack of performance or their mistakes. Anything that happens to them, whether or not it was their doing, is their responsibility. It may not be their fault, but it is their responsibility. Always. Psychologists call this the internal locus of control. This mens that you know the power lies inside of you instead of externally. Having an internal locus of control correlates with success at work, better dormance and greater health outcomes.

The best leaders have done the inner work 

The best leaders have done the inner work required to transform themselves and their leadership. They have moved their fears and limiting beliefs from their sub-conscious to their conscious so they could heal them and overcome them and lead with their values. Through this inner work, they have risen in consciousness and have become conscious leaders by making the shift from I to WE so they can focus on needs of others.

The best leaders have personal mastery 

The best leaders have developed emotional intelligence. They are in charge of their emotions, no matter what happens. They know what triggers them and they can manage their emotional upsets to avoid creating havoc around them or damaging relationships. They have developed mindfulness through a practice of meditation and they have a strong presence. They are also generous listeners and practice gratitude as they know that recognizing employees is like giving them a dose of energy.

The best leaders have a clear vision 

The best leaders know that a leader without a vision is like a boat without a rudder. It will get somewhere but we don’t know exactly where. They use their inspiring vision to touch people hearts and enrol them in the journey of transformation to create a future discontinued from the past. They take the time to consult employees, clients and suppliers in the definition of their vision as they want to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders and they know this allows better buy-in. They constantly remind their team of the vision and use it to make key decisions.

The best leaders make a difference 

The best leaders lead from a higher level of consciousness and are committed to make a difference in the lives of all they lead and all they serve. Making a difference is a way of life for them and they do it everyday with everyone. They are committed to leaving a positive legacy and focus on developing the talent in their organization and providing amazing customer experiences to their clients.

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