The 8 Attributes Of The New Paradigm of Feminine Leadership


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Feminine  leadership is one of the key pillars of conscious leadership because to transform our society, it is essential to have a better balance between the feminine and masculine energy.

Here are the eight attributes of the new paradigm of feminine leadership.

Define your mission

In order to maximize your impact as a leader, it is important to understand your life mission, why you are here in this human life. Often leaders live well below their full potential because their mission is unclear and they scatter their energy. By defining a clear mission, you can have a focus and intensity in your intentions and efforts.

Discover your zone of genius 

Amongst all the things you do every day, you have different levels of performance based on your skills and talents. There are things you are not really good at.  Those that you are excellent at and things that are part of our zone of genius. To maximize your efforts, you should focus on your zone of genius and delegate other tasks to your employees or service providers.

Do the inner work to transform yourself

if you want to have an impact on the transformation of others and your organization, it is important to embody what you ask of others. Wisdom is embodied knowledge and it is acquired through life experiences. It is essential to focus on your own transformation before asking others to change because you will have a lot more legitimacy and you can also encourage others to transform themselves by your way of being rather than your way of doing things. .

Elevate business to a higher level of consciousness

In general, women have a more holistic vision of leadership because they care more about the well-being of people, both employees and clients, they have a long-term vision and focus on the needs of all stakeholders . By staying aligned with your essence instead of conforming to the masculine energy of the business world, you will contribute to elevating raising consciousness in business.

Embrace your feminine and masculine energy

In business, female leadership characteristics have often been seen as a sign of weakness, especially by men, which has led many women to adopt male characteristics. Today, many organizations want to become conscious businesses and it's time for you to embrace the feminine and masculine characteristics of your leadership in order to have balanced leadership and be agents of transformation.

Use your emotional alchemy to transform your fears and limiting beliefs

We all have fears and limiting beliefs which we have inherited from our parental and societal conditioning. Often these are well anchored in our subconscious and they impact our emotions and reactions and prevent us from rising to our full potential. By examining our fears and limiting beliefs, we can transform them and choose to lead with our values

Become a community builder

Historically, the feminine has played an important role in the development of communities. While men went hunting or waging war, women developed and maintained the community. This is normal since the feminine is generally more relational and more caring. With a focus on community development, you will bring the people aligned to a similar mission and help accelerate transformation.

Become co-creators and cooperate with others to transform society.

Whatever our gifts and talents, none of us can accomplish great things alone. Seek to co-create with others who share your mission and your passion for transformation. This will allow you to maximize your efforts and your network and bring you a higher energy level.

By adopting these attributes of the new paradigm of feminine leadership, you will be more aligned with your essence and have a greater impact on the transformation of your organization and society.