The art of slowing down


By Virginie Randrianarisoa, Well being consultant and catalyst for the rise of consciousness. 

I have a teacher who said something one day that really resonated strongly with me. He said: "We need space to slow down."

I would like to share my thoughts on the art of slowing down. 

Slowing down is a big need in our busy life right now because we live in a society where everything is fast. We have all learned to go fast, so we live everyday in that beat of speed that keeps getting faster and faster every day.

We know really well how to be fast.  Do we really feel balanced? Do we really feel fulfilled with our busy life and our busy mind? Do we really feel nourished being always fast? Maybe this beat is not really the one we are looking for or made for.

I believe it is very important for us to learn to slow down event if this is really challenging as we don't really know how to slow down.  

In our society, slowing down often make us anxious.  It is often stressful to slow down, as we feel we don't really have time to slow down.

What is pushing us to slow down is that we have overwhelmed and tired.  Our body and our brain cannot follow this beat anymore so it makes us consider that maybe something is wrong. But, how do we slow down?

First we need some safe space to be able to slow down so we can be harmonized to the rhythm of nature.   This allows us to breathe and for our heart to find its natural beat. This allows us to discover what is our own beat.

We can learn to slow down by using the breath because the breath is our guide and it is also the gateway to reconnect to life and nature. In this moment, by taking the time to slow down and to focus on the breath.  Feeling the breath . The goal is to reorient our presence so it can land in the present moment, in each breath.

To take the time to live each breath.  To prolong each breath.  To observe ourself and the part of us that wants to accelerate the breath.  To learn to slow down through the breath by focusing on each breath.  By being fully conscious of each breath. Nothing else matters than living each breath. To fully land in the present moment to savour each moment.

The world and its rhythm has taught us to go so fast, that we have lost the appreciation of each detail of our life. We have lost the opportunity to be nourished by each moment.  It feels the same as when we eat fast food or when we eat too fast. Are we really nourished? Do we feel fulfilled?  By being constantly fast, we never get really fulfilled and the only way to be fulfilled is by slowing down.

When you take the time to eat, you can really feel the joy to eat.  When you walk in the street, you take the  time to walk with presence. By going slow, it allows us to see so many more details and absorb so much more information.   We really increase our experience as we can be fully absorbed in the moment.

We can then be nourished by every moment of our life and that makes our experience of life so much more fulfilling than always going fast.