The Power Of Focus

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

In leadership as in life, having dreams and visions is great, and at the same time, nothing important gets done unless we also excel at execution.

The ability to realize our dreams and visions relies on our focus and determination much more than intelligence. The real power lies in our ability to focus and get the important things done day after day. By focusing on the right things and working at them often, we can achieve all that we can imagine.

We live in a world of distractions with an abundance of information and constant notices from social media and it is very easy not to be focused, especially if you are curious like me. By not being focused on our attention, we can quickly lose our power of purpose and engagement and significantly delay the realization of our vision.  

As conscious leaders committed to accomplishing great things for our organization and in the world, the most important thing for us to worry about is our intention and our attention. By having a clear intention for our work and our lives, we can use discernment in choosing where we direct our energy and attention and we can make conscious choices to use our time and energy on things that really matter to us and are aligned to our intention.

Having an intense focus allows us to make the tough choices to eliminate activities or relationships that don't add value. It also allows us to focus on what really matters to us and to avoid constantly switching priorities, as research has proven that constantly switching tasks eat up 40% of our productivity.

Every day we only have 24 hours and we also have one less day to live. Every hour spent on things or with people that are not aligned to our vision and purpose cannot be recuperated.

In my work as a catalyst of transformation, I meet many people who are not focused. They have great dreams and visions but are not focused on their execution so the dreams remain dreams.

In my long experience as a senior leader, execution beats strategy any day. What allows us to achieve exceptional results is to remain steadfast in our efforts and to remain aligned to our goals no matter what the obstacles. 

By being focused, we can overcome obstacles and make breakthroughs.

Are you ready to be focused?