Leading With Intention

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

To become the creators of our lives and create breakthroughs in our leadership, we have to become agile at setting intentions and leading with intention.

Many people go on with their lives without setting intentions, which means they are living other people intentions.  Most of them are not fully happy or fulfilled in their life.  Few of them would accept that they are the creators of their lives.

But you are not like most people.  If you are reading this, I would bet that you are committed to create an extraordinary life for yourself and possibly even hold space for others to create their own extraordinary life.

Let's explore together what it means to live and lead with intention.

Why set an intention

According to the dictionary, an intention is: to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.

When we don't have a clear intention, we sometimes walk through life without meaning or direction and our life is like a boat without a rudder, we are afloat on the water, but our direction is not clear.

When we have a clear intention, we allow the energy of the universe to align with us to make even the impossible, possible.  It is a scientific fact, proven by quantum physics, that energy follows intention.

We can use intention to transform a conversation from fear and doubt into hope and possibility and we can follow with action and results.

Without an intention, all we have is our current reality which is heavily influenced by our fears and limiting beliefs which we have inherited from our past.   By setting an intention, we can create a future aligned to our values not limited by our past. We can express our passions, dreams and desires.   With all the challenges of living a human life, especially in our modern world, it is more important than ever to materialize our dreams.

When to set an intention

You can set an intention for your life and what you want manifest in the world. .  Mine is to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the rise of consciousness and I manifest this by creating safe and transformational spaces.

A friend of mine who used to be a senior executive in a large international organization now has an intention to allow the inner beauty of people to shine in the world and he manifest this through photography.

You can also set an intention every day. to define how you want to show up in the world.  Often, my daily intention is to see the inner beauty and genius in everyone I meet. Such an intention brings a lot of joy in my life as I am able to focus on what is great in people and help expand it instead of focusing on what is missing.

You could set intentions for many things:

Before you get out of bed, you can set an intention to be calm and present

Before you get home from work, you can set an intention to connect with your family at dinner by being a generous listener.

Before you start your car, to get home, you can set the intention to use the car ride to wind down from your busy day at work so you can have a calm and peaceful evening.

Before an important meeting, you can set an intention to listen generously and to connect with the other person.

By setting intentions, you can make it clear to yourself, others and the universe what you want to create and you can become the creator of your life.

By leading with intention, you can significantly increase your effectiveness as a leader to manifest what you really care about.