The Power of Surrender


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Most of us have been trained to work hard and push ourselves, so it can be counter intuitive to surrender. As the world keeps changing faster and faster, we keep working faster and faster and we sometimes wonder how we will cope with this ever changing world.

We all want to do well for ourselves and those we love and, we also desire to live a meaningful life with purpose, so we spend most of our time in an hectic pace that is ever demanding from us, both physically and mentally.

We were promised that technology would help us by making our work easier and in reality, it has increased our stress as we are constantly connected and receive a barrage of emails, text messages and notices from Facebook messenger, twitter, Instagram or Linked in every day.

As we are constantly stimulated by all this information, many of us feel like we are never doing enough and never succeed to keep our head above water. We spend most of our time in our heads and rarely listen to the needs of our bodies. Our body sends us signals that it needs rest and quiet time and that it is time to slow down once in a while, but we do all we can to ignore it until the messages get more intense and we get sick so we are forced to stop and care for ourselves. I have done this for most of my life.

Is there another way? Do we need to control everything? Can we listen to our hearts and our body and allow them to guide us and still succeed?

In 2019, I have decided that this would be a year of embodiment for me.  I have successfully done the long journey from my head to my heart, but I have always ignored the needs of my body. I have now decided to care for my body, but embodiment this is not an easy journey.

I am a master of getting things done and as a social entrepreneur, when I am stressed, my default mode is to do more.  Intellectually, I know I need to care for my body as it is my vehicle in this life and I cannot carry out my mission to be a catalyst for the elevation of consciousness unless I am healthy and energized and, now it is time to embody this knowledge into wisdom.

 In talking to my friend Carl this morning, this became even more evident as I still try to force things to happen in a certain way instead of allowing things to happen in the way they should.  What is present for me at this time is that I need to surrender.  I am in service of the rise of consciousness and I am being effective at organizing many transformational events that I would love to attend myself if I was one of our clients. 

 I know I am doing a good job to organize these events with inspiring speakers and that they will produce great outcomes for the participants.  I can invite all leaders in our network and in our city to come, but in the end, it is up to each participants to choose if conscious leadership resonates with them.  Once I have organized the event and invited people, I need to let go of my attachment of who comes or not.

Recently, I have observed myself being sad or upset that some people I expected to come don't seem so interested. Some of these are close friends and it makes me sad that they are not attending some of my events.

I noticed that the root of my sadness is in my attachement to certain outcome, to certain people behaving in a certain way.  I have realized that through my attachment, I am creating my own suffering and that my attachment is also removing the freedom of people to make their own choices.

I am now ready to surrender.  Surrender does not mean that I will be passive. I will still continue to dream, create and get things done in line with my vision and intentions,: it simply means that I will surrender my attachment to certain outcomes and my need to control the way my vision and intention will effectively be realized.

I have experienced this a few times and, every time I was surprised how things got done and somethings  happened almost by magic.

I have always had an intention to work internationally and I was surprised to be invited to go lead workshops with senior executives in Paris and Malaga as I never marketed for this to these specific companies.  People called me based on what I wrote on Linked in and how it inspired them. I was also called by an African CEO in Casablanca for coaching as she was inspired by my transformation story.

As I stand today, only a few days away to a big international event I have organized, I am surrendering.  I am allowing myself to breath deeply and be present and let go of my attachment to certain outcomes.  I have done my job well to organize a wold class event and reach out to tens of thousands of people.

Now it up to the universe to do its job to help me raise the consciousness of humanity.

What about you, are you ready to surrender?