The three stages of personal transformation


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

Many people would like to transform themselves and their lives but they are not aware of the transformation process. 

According the psychologist Carl Jung, there are three stages to transformation.

Personal Mastery

In this first stage, we bring our fears and limiting beliefs from our sub-conscious to our conscious so we can study them and overcome them. We all have fears and limiting beliefs and the great majority of them originate from our parental and societal conditioning, most of them from 0-6 years old.

When we are not conscious of our fears and limiting beliefs, they drive a lot of our behaviours and we most often are not in control of our emotions as we are usually in reactive mode 

By being conscious of our fears and limiting beliefs, we can start to manage them and eventually to overcome them and we can be in better control of out emotions which will greatly improve our relationships and our wellbeing.


In this second stage, we discover our authentic self that hides behind the parental and societal conditioning.  We discover who we really are behind our masks and what motivates us, our values and our desires.

We have all learned to wear masks, to protect us following the wounds we have acquired by living a human life.  We think it protects us but in fact, it creates suffering as it prevents us from truly connecting.

By removing our masks and embracing our authentic self, we can show the world who we really are and with our courage, we can show others how to do the same 

Self actualization 

In this third stage, we discover our life mission, why we are here on earth.  What we are most passionate about, what we want to do in the world, what gives meaning to our life and allows us to thrive.

Many of us have chosen a career when we were still teenagers without really having discovered our special gifts or our greatest passions.  Many have chosen their work based on their parents expectations with the results that than more than 85% of people are unfulfilled in their work as they are not doing what they are most passionate about.

By discovering and embracing our life mission, we can achieve our greatest contribution to the world and be in a state of great joy.

The journey of transformation is not about becoming the best  but about becoming the best for the world.

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