Radical Integrity


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

A few months ago, I met a new conscious friend who is quite direct and always says what she thinks.

I love people like that as it allows us to save a lot of time in conversations and in developing the relationship when people always say what they really think without any masks or pretense.

My friend called this radical integrity and it made me curious as to what radical integrity means for me.

In the dictionary, you find the common definition of integrity as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness.  It also says that integrity is the state of being whole and undivided.

I really like the second part as I believe most people are not living a wholesome life when they choose to tell others what they think they want to hear.

Radical integrity is about being honest and whole no matter what.

It is also about congruence and living our life totally aligned between our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and our being.

We live in a society where integrity is often discounted as many people and companies as well as politicians tell us what they think we want to hear so we will buy their products and services or elect them to power.  

We often have to work hard to decipher what people are really trying to tell us and we also have second guess their words to discover what is true.

It is often very difficult to know the truth and it feels so precious when someone has the courage to tell us what they really think and what is true for them.

Imagine if a company was courageous enough to tell us all the negative environmental, social and economic impact it inflicted in the creation of the product they are trying to sell us.

Imagine if our friends, family members, and colleagues always told us the truth.

Imagine if politicians always shared with us the true intention behind their policies.

After many years of transformation and after having gone through many life-changing experiences, I have a very low tolerance for what is not true.

I treasure radical integrity, as I believe it is the only way to have profound relationships and also to transform the world to co-create a promising future for the next generations. How can we transform the world if we don’t know what is true.?

I surround myself with courageous people willing to say what is true for them even if sometimes it will disappoint others. At least, with people like that, you know where you stand.

I also choose to say what is true for me at all times. This is particularly important as a social entrepreneur and as an executive coach. I often tell my clients that they hire me to tell them the truth and hold the mirror to them and not to tell them what they want to hear as it is the only way to transform.

This is how I can be an efficient catalyst for transformation and also why I attract clients that are ready for true transformation.

What about you?  

Do you have the courage to embrace radical integrity?