What do you stand for?


By Stephane Leblanc

In our life. we have all have an opportunity to make a difference if we honour our values and are willing to take a stand for them.

What do you stand for?  What are you willing to take a stand for, even if many people don't agree with you, many will laugh at you and some may try to ridicule you.

When we look back at history, all the people that have really made an impact on society were willing to take a stand.  They we willing to stand for something important that they valued and they demonstrated courage against adversity, even if their position was not popular.  We all remember Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr. and Mandela.

Taking  stand for something is a demonstration of our higher consciousness as a leader.  When we are leading from lower consciousness, we are mostly focused on our own needs and don't care so much of about others. When we lead from higher consciousness, we are focused on the needs of others and are often willing to sacrifice ourselves for the well being of the whole. 

I have reflected on this a lot in the last year and I now have a pretty clear idea of what I stand for.

I stand for the elevation of consciousness in business and the creation of a business world where all employees and customers are treated with respect, where leaders create cultures where employees can thrive and they take full responsibility for the long term impact of their actions.  

In my career in business, I have seen leaders that really care for people and others that really don't care.  I have seen leaders willing to sacrifice themselves to help their employees and I have seen others willing to sacrifice their employees to maximize their own rewards.

I stand for love and compassion in leadership where leaders lead with love and not fear and they really care for the well being of those they lead and those they serve.

I stand for the elevation of feminine leadership and for all women and men to embrace their feminine and masculine characteristics so that all leaders can be whole and integrated. 

I stand for the adoption of cooperation over extreme competition so that all leaders can work together to create a world that works and co-create a promising future for the next generations.

I stand for helping people when I can and finding a way to help them anyway even when I think I can't.

I stand for authentic and vulnerable connections over superficiality.

I stand for the transformation of all leaders so they can let go of their fears and limiting beliefs and rise to their full potential and step into their greatness. 

I stand for the transformation of humanity so that we can live in harmony, love and in peace.

What do you stand for?