What Stories Are You Telling Your Team?


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

As conscious leaders, we are always working to have a positive impact on those we lead and those we serve.

Sometimes we forget how much impact we have and how we impact others.

With experience, I have realized that we often have more impact as leaders by our way of being than by our way of doing.

Recently, I received a note from someone that used to work in my team more than nine years ago who wrote to me to say how much he was inspired by my leadership.

He reminded me of an all-hands meeting I chaired with over one thousand members of our team in 2010 on the shop floor of our aircraft who hangar and when I took one hour to tell stories about our clients who bought our luxury business jets and how our planes impacted their lives and their businesses.

And where I also shared how it was important for us to deliver quality products on time and to provide amazing customer experiences to our clients as this created customer loyalty.

I also shared how we were improving as a team and progressing towards our vision to become the benchmark in our industry.

This ex-employee shared with me that it was the first time such a senior leader spoke without using KPI's and numbers and how he was touched and engaged by the stories I told.

He was very proud to have worked in our team as we turned around a struggling business unit and now that he had left the organization also, he was also trying to use storytelling to inspire his own team to greatness.

As leaders, we have to deliver results and our performance is often measured in KPI's and numbers but it takes a lot more than that to transform a business and create a culture where people will thrive.

Leadership is about storytelling and creating a compelling future for people so they are excited to come to work and contribute their very best because they believe in the vision with their heart and soul and are committed to doing all it takes to realize it.

What stories are you telling your team?