What will it take for humanity to wake up?


By Stephane Leblanc

Humanity is at a major crossroad. As the population of the planet keeps increasing and we, as a species, have not committed to care for each other and our home, planet earth, our social and environmental problems are just getting bigger. This will only get worse as the population of earth will increase from 7.5 billions to almost 10 billions in the next 30 years.

We are living in an age where we have more intelligence, technology and resources than ever before, yet we remain unable to solve the major societal problems that we have collectively co-created and in many parts of the world, there seems to be an abundance of greed, selfishness and lack of care for life and a scarcity of love, compassion and care for the well being of humans and all species.

Throughout the world, there are pockets of goodness, with some Scandinavian countries taking drastic actions to protect the environment, care for their citizens and educate their children in a better way, which is not surprising as these countries have the highest level of consciousness in the world as assessed by the Barrett Values Centre.

There are also pockets of darkness with obvious countries such as North Korea, Brazil and many African countries where the fate of the citizens is uncertain.  There is also darkness in the US, a country that once was a beacon of light for many other countries and is now going through major social challenges of its own.

In terms of the environment, many scientists believe we have already passed the point of no return as the damages are already too profound.

As many wise people have said, we are living though a major crisis and this crisis is a crisis of consciousness as many humans are living in a lower level of consciousness where they are mostly concerned about fulfilling their own needs.

The key question is this: what will it take for humanity to wake up? 

The signs that things don't work are everywhere, yet very few people have the courage to stand up and take action.

In the US, over 11,000 people die to guns every year.  There were more than 800,000 people that marched in Washington to ask for tougher gun laws. Yet the political leaders are taking no concrete actions.  It seems that money talks louder than values as many of the politicians are more loyal to the NRA than to the citizens that elected them. 

We all know that many foods sold by food companies are unhealthy, yet no one does anything.

Most banks make billions of profits on the back of their customers. 

For most humans, growth usually comes from pain. Maybe things will have to get a lot worse before they get better.  Maybe for most humans still asleep, things are not bad enough.

It is true that as a species, we have become quite good at being insensitive to things that are not pleasant, and many people are also good at numbing out the pain with over consumption, alcohol, drugs, over eating and many other techniques.

What is certain is that the major problems we are facing will not go away magically and one day we will have to face them with courage, resilience, innovation and cooperation. 

What makes me sad is that so many people are resisting the awakening process and prefer to ignore the major problems and stay asleep.

What makes me happy is that I keep meeting more and more awakened people who are committed to awake others and also do their part to fix the major problems. 

There is a large global community of people committed to raise their own consciousness and that of humanity.  People leading with love, courage and compassion.  This brings me hope. Yet progress still seems too slow to avoid a disaster for humanity. 

The question still remains: what will it take for humanity to wake up?