Who do you serve?


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

In my quest to become a conscious leader and to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the rise of consciousness in organizations around the world, I have often reflected on who I am serving.

I discovered transformation 15 years ago and I have been transforming myself ever since.  I know I cannot guide people to a higher level of consciousness than the one I am at, so I am immensely grateful for all the life challenges life is bringing  me to allow me to heal, grow and rise in consciousness.

I have now realized that for a long time, I was serving myself as a leader.  Yes I was working very hard and was dedicated to achieve great results for my company but in hindsight, I now know this was a way for me to be appreciated and recognized.  Yes I was focused on helping my people grow. I now realize it was a way for me to be loved by them.  

All behaviours from people are either a demonstration of love or a deep call to be loved.  In my case, I had a deep need to be loved and with what I know today, I realized my leadership was not a the highest level of consciousness.

In the last decade, I have faced many profound challenges.  These included being fired twice form senior executive positions and overcoming two major depressions.  These certainly were challenging times but today, I am so grateful these happened as they were essential steps to growth and ascension journey.  They were also essential for me to overcome many of the fears and limiting beliefs from my ego and also to allow me to embrace my real self and my life purpose.

I have spent 30 years in business and I have seen that many leaders are managing people more than leading them.  Many are using people to achieve their own goals and the company's goals without worrying too much about what is good for their people.  This has become worse with the syndrome of the superstar CEO where some CEO's are treated like kings.  Few leaders would accept that their role is to serve people.

When a leader leads from lower levels of consciousness, they use everyone talents and resources and even the ressources of society and nature to fulfill their own needs and agenda.

When a leader leads from higher levels of consciousness, they use their own talent, resources and power to service the needs of others, society and humanity.

Who do you serve?