Why Conscious Leadership Is The New Leadership Paradigm


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

What differentiates leaders such as Yvon Chouinard, the Founder of Patagonia, John Mackey, the Founder of Whole Foods and Tony Hsieh, The Founder of Zappos from other business leaders?

They are leaders who have made the shift to new way of leading and have recognized that the way profits are made is as important as the profit themselves.  They have realized that long term sustainable success in today's challenging market is defined by more than short-term profits and maximizing shareholder value.

They have embraced the fact that conscious leadership is the new leadership paradigm in a world where it makes good business for leaders to consider “people, profit and planet” as their management imperative. 

This shift towards conscious leadership is more important today than it has ever been, yet most leaders are still stuck in the traditional leadership paradigm focused on achieving short-term goals at all costs, which often has negative effect on the long performance of the organization.

What conscious leaders have realized that traditional leaders have not is that leading with the heart is as important, if not more important than leading from the brain.

They have realized the importance of creating an organizational culture where people can thrive and rise to their full potential as this is the only way for the organization to achieve breakthrough results, and they invest time developing their people.  They also develop a robust customer experience process to ensure all customers have a positive experience and become loyal.

We live in VUCA world and leading in a traditional way no longer ensures success as companies that are still dominated by numbers, information and rational thinking are no longer able to react to market trends fast enough, as they do not tap into intuition, feelings and nonlinear thinking, which makes them less agile. 

 “We need to develop the art of being sensitive, intuitive and attuned enough to understand what is happening in the organization.”— John Mackey, Whole Foods Markets Co-founder

We now live in a creative economy and the traditional industrial management model of command and control no longer works.  Leaders who truly want to succeed are rapidly embracing a more evolved business approach based conscious leadership, and a culture of learning and innovation is being created through the pursuit of higher levels of personal mastery and genuine self-actualization at work.

Conscious leaders are still committed to deliver stellar results, but they know that this can only be achieved by doing many other things right. They show genuine responsibility, integrity, humility, honest communication, win-win negotiation skills, outstanding ability to collaborate with others, greater self-awareness and high levels of emotional mastery.

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