Writing A New Story


By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

We are the story we tell ourselves. No matter what happened in our life before today, we can choose to tell ourselves a new story.

All of us have had to overcome life challenges and all of us have had suffering.  By owning our story, it can help us to transform ourselves and write a new story which is not defined by our past.  The challenge we have sometimes is we are still attached to our past story and we allow it to define our life going forward.

In my story, I have had a lot of joys and successes as well as many disappointments and setbacks which have led to a lot of suffering.

My story includes losing my mom at 25 and my dad at 52 old as well as a few close friends who died prematurely.  It also includes being fired as a senior executive at 47 after 23 years of loyal service and at 49 after successfully completing a major operational transformation. It also includes having suffered two depressions.

It also includes living my life with a fear of not being enough and not having enough and a limiting belief that I cannot succeed unless I am the hardest worker.  These characteristics have encouraged me to work really hard and achieve a lot which got me promoted many times.

When I was fired twice as an executive, it was not because I was not performing.  To the contrary, it was because I was too conscious for the company I worked for which were mostly focused on the performance and less on the human aspects. I still suffered from these events.

I suffered a lot from these major career events and this is why I created an organization to help leaders and organizations transform.  Recently, I realized that I had still not overcome my anger and sadness at these events. I realized that I was not completely free. That although I have mentioned a few times that I had overcome these setbacks, in my heart, there was still sadness.

Today, I choose to write a new story. I choose to completely own my story, with my firings and my depressions and I choose to see these as blessings as they allowed me to become who I am today. I truly love the work I do and I also love meeting so many amazing around the world committed to creating a better world. There is nothing else I would see myself doing other than what I am doing now as I feel I am one of these people committed to creating a better world.

In my new story, I also choose to embrace flow instead of always trying to force things to happen so I can co-create my life with the universe as when I force things, there is not much room for the universe to be my co-creator.

In my new story, I also choose to include a better balance between being and doing as I am working to overcome my addiction to doing.

And what about you?

What story do you choose to write?