Your level of consciousness defines your performance and impact

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By Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

We live in a society where we honour the superficial and neglect the real. 

On social media, many people focus on showing us the best part of themselves, instead of showing us their true self.

Richard Barrett provides an excellent description of the seven levels of consciousness and the focus at each level of consciousness.

Many leaders in business are stuck in lower levels of consciousness as they are driven by the needs of their own ego and few have made it as high as level of making a difference.

The challenge with our modern society is that most of our education is focused on doing and not on being. In school we teach kids to do and achieve, we don't spend enough time teaching to be and grow.

Few people know the basics of emotional intelligence, and fewer know about the foundation of psychology.

Carl Jung was a very impactful psychologist and he explained the human journey of evolution simply. In the first 40 years of our life, we are focused on ambition as we seek to satisfy the needs of our ego for security, belonging and recognition We work hard to achieve results so we can be recognized, earn money so we can buy material possessions so we can be recognized as a successful person. We build the container of our life.

In the next 40 years of our life, we are supposed to awake to a new way of being and be focused on meaning and purpose. This only happens when we have learned to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs of our ego and are now driven by our values. We discover who we really are being all the masks and we embrace our life purpose. This allows us to become a conscious leaders and to make a difference in the lives of those we lead, those we serve and society as a whole.

The big challenge in our society is that the great majority of people have not made the shift and are still stuck in their ego. Most of their actions are focused on achieving and being recognized and their ability to make a meaningful difference is limited.

This lower level of consciousness and focus on ego is at the root of most of our major challenges in society.

There is more wealth than ever in the wold, yet 20 million people will die of hunger this year.

There is more technology than ever, yet we are destroying all species and the environment.

Most overconsumption which contributes to the environmental challenges is rooted in people unwillingness to heal the fears and limiting beliefs of their ego.

We are living in a crisis in leadership around the world and this crisis is a crisis of consciousness.

 We can only transform society with a rise of consciousness.

If you are ready to become a conscious leader, we can help you.