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ONLINE - Conscious Leadership Academy


The world is changing at high speed and only the leaders that can adapt to this new economic, social, environmental, technological and demographic context will be able to thrive in this new business paradigm.

Conscious Leaders use all their skills and talents to meet the need of all stakeholders while acheiving breakthrough results for their organization.

The Conscious Leadership Academy Online is 6 weeks program offered by the International Centre for Conscious Leadership that will guide participants to transform their leadership so they can create a culture where their employees with thrive to allow the organization to access a new level of performance while having a positive impact in society.


  • Be a catalyst for the transformation of their organization

  • Become conscious leaders

  • Be in integrity and in their full power to achieve breakthrough performance and well being

  • Create extraordinary results for their organization


  • Acquire new tools to better understand human psychology and create aN organizational culture with values that support high performance

  • Undertand and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that block you from accessing a new level of leadership

  • Develop mindfulness, essential to allow you and your organization to thrive in the new economy

  • Increase your impact and influence as a leader

  • Join an international network of conscious leader to share wisdom and efficient tools and find support in the global transformation that will create a new business world


"I attended this very inspiring workshop and it was a beautiful transformational experience for me. It revolutionizes all people centric leadership development programs and the many corporate training programs."- Jerome Darder, Director, Strategic Planning

"This workshop was simply amazing as it created many breakthrough for our leadership team. Working with Stephane allowed us to become the leaders and team we desire to be. As a CEO, I am now the creator of my life and I can accomplish anything." - Lyne Gosselin, President, Edikom

"I attended the Conscious Leadership Academy and Stephane quickly created a safe and open environment for all the participants to recognize their fears and limiting beliefs, to get know themselves better and to rise to their full potential. I truly feel I have transformed my leadership by attending this workshop." - Marie-Claude Brais, Senior Program Manager

"I attended the Conscious Leadership Academy and it really inspiring. Stephane has a human and listening approach that allows us to think outside of the box and that helps us to reveal our real potential as a leader. For sure, this is the beginning of a transformational leadership process for all leaders. Thank you Stéphane." - Nancy Scott, Digital Transformaiton Leader, Desjardins group.


Immersive and interactive workshop held over 6 weeks.

  • MODULE 1 : Levels of consciousness

  • MODULE 2 : Fears, limiting beliefs and values

  • MODULE 3 : Gratitude and midnfulness

  • MODULE 4 : Personal Mastery, Mindsets, Generous Listening

  • MODULE 5 : Authenticity, Trust

  • MODULE 6 : Emotional Intelligence, Appreciate Inquiry

An personal values assessment will be given to each participant allow you to assess where you are in yoru leadership consciousness and what your priorities are to become a better leader for your organization.


Classes will be held from 12 pm to 1:30 pm EST on the following Mondays:

- October 22nd

- Ocotber 29th

- November 5th

- November 12th

- November 19th

- November 26th


Stephane Leblanc is a senior leader with over 25 years of experience in senior executive positions in large international organizations. He founded with Jeanne Rahilly the International Centre for Conscious Leadership in March 2017 to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the elevation of consciousness in organizations all over the world. He creates experiential events to help leaders transform allowing them to become the best version of themselves and impact in a positive and sustainable way their organization, the world of business, society and humanity.

As a Vice President and General Manager leading up to 3000 people, he has demonstrated the efficiency of his methods while achieving three major business transformations including the one of a struggling business unit in a business unit. In only two years, this business went from -50M$ to 50M$ with an increase of employee engagement from 65% to 78%, an increase in on-time delivery from 17% to 85% and a significant increase in quality and customer satisfaction.

At the beginning of 2017, after 10 years of training with world renowned teachers and masters of transformations, Stephane embraced his life mission to be a catalyst for the transformation of leaders and the elevation of consciousness in organizations all around the world. He is the Founder and CEO of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership to launch a global movement of conscious leaders that are committed to have a positive and sustainable impact on the future of humanity.