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Men and women urgently need a leadership model that works for today’s world. The prevailing leadership paradigm, arising from its militaristic origins, over-emphasizes masculine values such as confidence, competition and decisiveness, and focuses primarily on an outside-in, competency-based approach.

When men and women learn to become whole, by integrating their masculine and feminine nature, they come into their true power and presence, and can embody leadership maturity as well learning agility. This unleashes their formidable creativity and innate entrepreneurialism to raise themselves, their teams and the organization to the next, desired level. Furthermore, their awakened ownership of issues can go on to help harmoniously resolve the conflicts and crises they face outside the organization on many fronts: economic, social, political and environmental.

Developing Shakti-based leadership is a transformative “Hero’s” or “Heroine’s journey”; to their unique wholeness and purpose. This journey of self-discovery and to “having-it-all’, though experienced as deeply personal, is completely universal and little known.

Nilima Bhat is Co-author, Shakti Leadership - Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business; and My Cancer is Me – The journey from Illness to Wholeness. Nilima is a Conscious Leadership and Integral Health expert. She facilitates personal transformation, gender reconciliation and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has 28+ years of global corporate experience and consciousness-based health and growth training. She has lived in Germany, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong and has spent the last few years between India and the US, serving as guest faculty at the Whole Foods Academy for Conscious Leadership, Bentley University, Babson College and Esalen. She is also actively involved with supporting the Conscious Capitalism Movement and WIN (Women’s International Network). Her client base includes multinational organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Etsy, Societe Generale Bank, Microsoft, Vodafone and the YPO.