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How to overcome the limits of your mind to access intuitive knowledge

From an intuition point of view impossible problems do not exist. There is only inability to see the solutions.

Why do we not see? How could we see?

The human mind has built-in ingenious abilities to invent new things, solve the impossible and to envision the future. Benefitting from this potential is essential, as we are surrounded with tremendously difficult problems. We need people who specialize in solving the impossible.

The studies of creativity and innovation studies, Nobel laureate and inventor thinking, neuroscience, intuition and of the embodied basis of cognitive processes offer us valuable information for enhancing complex problem solving and radical innovating.

By joining our Masterclass you will learn the dynamics of the human mind that tends to keep us stuck in using outdated mind settings. We will offer you tools for updating your mind to the current day, accessing intuitive potential and solving the impossible.


ASTA RAAMI PhD / M.A. (digital media), B.A. (design), B.Ed.

Asta completed her PhD thesis on the use and development of intuition in the Aalto University in 2015, where she had worked beforehand for 15 years in teaching, research & design. After the dissertation, she has concentrated on making the potential of intuition known outside the scientific community.

In 2016, Asta published her first writings on the subject of utilising the hidden potential of the human mind in her book, Intelligent intuition and how we use it (2016, Schilds & Söderströms). In addition to this, she has worked actively in the field of education, bringing intuition as a part of the National level Curriculum in Finland. She has been a co-writer in several books, handling educational issues, e.g. Learning at The Edge(Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund / Pallgrave MAcMillan forthcoming in fall 2018) with her article Toward Solving The Impossible Problems. Asta’s dissertation can be freely read online (Intuition Unleashed). Currently, she works as a start-up entrepreneur in the Innerversity-program (


Kaisu works as a university lecturer at the Faculty of Education at the University of Tampere, Finland. She is a co-editor for the Journal of Transformative Education. For the past 10 years, she has actively published in the field of transformative learning, involving studies on critical reflection and transformative learning within both educational and crisis contexts.

She has brought to the international research field a new approach to human change. She has developed the theory of edge-emotions, that maps the dynamics of the human change process and explicates how we can utilize, as source for learning, the way our thinking processes are naturally inhibited by the dynamics of our psychological basic needs and biologically based emotions. The applications of the theory help individuals and work communities in learning, expertise development and everyday life. 


** This Masterclass will be held online. You will receive a link to the video conference after registering.

Earlier Event: September 6
Later Event: September 12