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Free Webinar - The Inner Game of Thriving, Bhaskar Goswami

Many people are searching for work-life balance and never seem to find it. What about work-life thriving? How can we find a way to thrive in all aspects of our life? In this webinar, Bhaskar Goswami will guide you through an exploration of what it means to thrive and how you can achieve it in your work and your life.

- Define what it means to thrive

- Discover ancient wisdom on thriving

- Gain some tips to improve your ability to thrive

Bhaskar Goswami is a senior yoga and meditation teacher, speaker and facilitator of transformation events. He was born in Assam, India, and has been in Montreal for a few decades. He is the Founder of BODHI, a multiple award-winning company, dedicated to offering genuine wellbeing to people in businesses, schools and special care places. He is also the Founder of daana, an organization offering contribution-based wellness activities. He has also published two international albums, Open Yoga and Wisdom Stories.