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The inner Game of Leadership - Free Webinar with Bhaskar Goswami

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We often hear about “work-life balance”, but what does that really mean?

As a leader are you pursuing excellence, or striving for success?

Is there a difference, and what is the result?

What is embodied leadership?

What is “You Inc.” and how are you running it?

Will that take you where you want to go?

If not, what can be done to alter the course and create a more joyful, fulfilling and rewarding life?

Being a leader means more than being a piece on the chessboard. It means being the chess player and looking at the whole game – moving the necessary pieces according to the bigger plan.

Bhaskar Goswami will facilitate this exploration of some of the most powerful tools in leadership, that also happen to be as old as mankind.

He will change the way you see your role as a leader, enhance your enjoyment and passion for what you do, and the message you share with others.

You really, really don’t want to miss this one!

Bhaskar Goswami is originally from India and now lives in Montreal. He is a yoga and meditation teacher and is also certified as a naturopath. He also has a Masters in Electronic Engineering and his 10-year international engineering career provides him with a strong understanding of work-life balance. In 2007 he founded BODHI, a company dedicated to offering genuine wellbeing to people in workplaces. That same year he won the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest and Accolade 2007 – Recognizing Business Excellence, both for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. In 2016, he co-launched daana, a non-profit making wellness accessible to all by creating anonymous contribution activities around the world. That same year he won the CBC Media Prize for 'Start-up of the Year'. He resides in Montreal West Island with his partner and daana co-founder Caroline Goyer, and three children Jai, Eva and Uma. The foundation of his teaching is breath awareness.