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Bhaskar Goswami

Bhaskar is from India, now residing in Canada. He an electrical engineer by training and a yogi by vocation.  After a successful career as an electrical engineer, he embraced his passion for yoga full time 10 years ago when he founded Bodhi Principle, an organization that brings wellness into organizations with yoga and mindfulness meditation.  More recently, he founded daana, a contribution based wellness organization to democratize wellness.

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Katja Hleb

Katja is from Slovenia. She has been advising senior business executives and business owners in selecting and developing their talent for many years.  She has interviewed and coached more than 4000 people. She has been a keynote at many international business conferences. She holds a Masters degree in Business Psychology and is now doing a PhD in Conscious Leadership and 5D organizations.

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Gina Hayden

Gina is from London UK. She has been involved in Conscious Leadership for any years and is helping leaders rise up to a new level of leadership for them to contribute in a positive way towards the world.  She wrote the book Becoming A Conscious Leader: How to Lead Successfully in a World that's Waking Up

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